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Columbia Video Game Club Magazine (Do you have any?)

Random Terrain

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1 hour ago, JayAre said:

Bill, by chance, would you happen to have issue no. 2, or any others beyond no. 7?  If you do, it would be great if you could upload images, as they might contain the info. that Random Terrain is looking for.  In this thread, we've covered 1 through 7, with the exception of 2.  Although I don't know if any issues existed beyond 7.  Thanks.

I’ll try to check when I have a chance.  I know I have #1 as I bought it from someone here.  I think I have 2 others but I can’t recall the numbers.  

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RT, I have issues 1 through 7 (excluding 2), along with the paperwork that came with these mailings.  As you may remember, with these clubs, you would receive a card that you had to return indicating whether or not you wanted the Selection of the Month.  I have the card stub for some of these issues, which indicates the due date by which you had to return the card.  Knowing these due dates will give you an approximate date of when the issues were distributed.  Maybe that information might help you in some way.  Here are the details:


Issue #1 - I don't have the card stub for this issue

Issue #2 - I don't have this issue

Issue #3 - 7/11/1983

Issue #4 - I don't have the card stub for this issue

Issue #5 - 10/3/1983

Issue #6 - 11/14/1983

Issue #7 - 12/26/1983

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