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SOLD! Loaded Ketek Command Center, C128, 2x1571, 1902 monitor


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I have a loaded Ketek Command Center here with Commodore 128 computer, two 1571 disk drives, 1902 monitor, and a SunCom thumbstick.


The Commodore 128 is beautiful baring the yellowed keys. Everything but the 40/80 key works perfectly, and I do not have any replacements for the key available. 80 column mode works and you can enter it manually with GRAPHICS5,1

or any 80-column program which will switch for you.


The 1902 monitor has been cleaned up to remove all of the yellowing, which unfortunately was a generous coating of nicotine, and the video selector switch and all knobs work properly. There is still a layer of old smoke on the internal components which I cannot clean so leaving it on for a while gives off a nice ash-tray like smell. I suspect that can be cleaned up with a proper application of ozone generation.


The two 1571s work properly, are in alignment, and cleaned.


The fan in the Command Center appears to not be the original fan and interferes with the monitor. I have replaced most of its screws and cleaned it up.


There is a good bit of yellowing all around, which the camera flash exaggerates to make look much worse than it is. I have system disks and manuals which I will include.


These will ship in three boxes. This will all be quite heavy.


$450 plus shipping. Boxing and weight information:


18x18x18 @ 26lbs
20x20x11 @ 25lbs
20x20x11 @ 10lbs


Shipping from Zip Code 32308.














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That command center is really cool. I never knew such a thing existed. I was throwing ideas around in my head of something similar but I didn't realize such a product was already produced.


Honestly it does not seem to be a very practical setup. It is too shallow so all of the cords have to be bent into the strain-reliefs, there is no cable management inside (though it might have come with straps but who knows anymore,) it bows a little under the weight of the monitor (which shows in the pictures,) the monitor is wavey when connected to the built-in power strip but does not when plugged into an external one, the fan moves a lot of air but is almost as loud as the fan in my TI P-Box.


BUT, it does clear up some desk space. Back in my day I just built a wooden shelf to hold all my stuff. Still, I read around that some people were looking for one of these at one time or another within recent memory so maybe someone still wants one. With a fully-working system to go along with it.


My stuff on a self-made shelf on my desk, way way back in time.

My first apartment, 1997-ish

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it's gorgeous and perfect for someone looking for one- i hope it gets the good home it deserves! (sadly, the boss told me NO, lol)


i think i can still work on her for a c64 breadbin or a c128 later down the road, tho..


I should have one of each available soon... :D

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