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Colecovision RGB DIY boards $30 (Install available as well)

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Up for sale are the citrus3000psi RGB boards for the Colecovision/ADAM. These boards are designed to be soldered to the bottom of the VDP and provide RGBS to an output connector of your choice.


To properly calibrate these boards, 3 onboard POTs are used to adjust each color individually.

Please note that to properly calibrate the board, you MUST use an oscilloscope. If you do not calibrate with an oscilloscope and choose to adjust by eye, please note that any compatibility issues, damage, or world ending results via the summoning of Cthulu are solely your responsibility.


Each kit is sold as a DIY and fully assembled/tested before shipping. If you receive a board and have issues, please contact me. If the issues are found to be related to misuse or improper installation, you are on your own. If there appears to be a defect in manufacturing, I will work with you towards an amicable resolution.


No output connectors are provided, except with install service. Output connectors can be whatever you wish but the cables themselves must be pass-through, ie no capacitors or resistors installed. If you need assistance with purchasing cables or output connectors please reach out and I can answer your questions.


Each board is $30 shipped in the Continental US (CONUS).


If you do not feel confident with the installation or would prefer to have it installed for you, I will be providing install services with oscilloscope calibration of the board.

Cost of this service is $80 including the board, but not including return shipping.



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Spent the better part of the day building as many boards as I could. Boards will be going through testing tomorrow but at this point I should have enough ready to not need to worry about stock for a bit. I still have plenty of blank boards and parts to build more so no risk of running out anytime soon.

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Plenty of boards are still available. International shipping is also available for an extra $10USD. If you order multiple boards the price will not increase unless you order enough to raise the weight. That would be quite a few boards.


Pictures of installed units are being posted to the original thread in the Colecovision section.

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Bumping this up. New pictures are being posted in the original thread and on Twitter. Boards are available. I do need to get more assembled so if there are any requests for large quantities, there might be a slight wait.


Just to try it I did adjust one of these by eye and checked in on my scope, it was pretty near perfect but I have done a few of these now.

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