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What programmes do I need?

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I wanna to learn how to make my own Atari homebrew games or hacks but before I start learning I wanna know what programms I need. I already have Stella but what for a programm do I need for programming or hack atarigames? Can someone who already is good in this stuff and know a lot about programming or made his(her) own homebrew(s) game(s) tell me that?

And by the way, is someone able to say me where I can learn how to programm or hack Atari games please.

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I'm not familiar with the hacking tools.


To program in assembly you'll need dasm and something to edit your source code with. You can use Notepad, TextEdit , etc. though I find a programmer editor like jEdit to be nicer.


As far as learning to program there's that nice Table of Contents within this forum. I also created a tutorial that takes you through writing a complete 2K game from scratch.

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