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Sears Intellivision-not working!

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You can find the service manual and test voltages here.


Also test the ribbon cable for continuity; be carefull with the ribbon cable, it's delicate.


The Sears Intellivision is no different than a model 2609. Remove the rf shield and give it a good visual inspection. Unless your TV gives a black screen with no signal, a black screen from Intellivision usually means the signal/channel is working but no cartridge program is running. So yes the first thing to check is the cartridge and cartridge port.

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Checking the power supply and 5 pin ribbon cable is always a good start. From my experience, the power board itself is usually good (there's just AC to DC bridge rectifier conversion, and 7805/7812 voltage regulators), it's the ribbon cable that disintegrates.

Do you get a flash on the screen when you press reset?

The Intellivision's cartridge connects directly to the main bus, so problems with the cartridge contacts eg dirt can cause black screen. A good clean with Deoxit is always a good idea.

Also check the 2 transistors Q1 and Q2 on the main board, as these drive the clock lines on the CPU.

Lastly, logic issues with the STIC, RA-3-9600 RAM or even the CPU can cause black screen. Carefully cleaning the legs and resocketing might help, otherwise replacement is the only option. At least you have a couple of other units, so you could swap ICs between them to troubleshoot (although this means cracking open the shielding on a working system).

- J

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Wouldnt hurt to replace the caps while you have it open. I have fixed plenty of 2609s and they required a cap change or replacement transformer more than anything else.


I have found that the SHOEI branded capacitors are actually good parts. That said, they are 35 year old electrolytics, so it is a good idea to replace them as preventative maintenance, and I did do this on my units. However all the old capacitors I pulled off the boards actually tested OK, and quality replacements for the larger power capacitor parts do cost several dollars (A$5.89 for the 2200uF 25V, and A$9.35 for the 10000uF 25V upgraded from 16V Nichicon branded from element14.com).


I did fix one unit that had one of the 0.1uF non-polarised glass caps at C13 blown (it had catastrophically exploded), that was presenting with a black screen.




- James

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