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SOLD: 1084S-P $85, MC-10 Free, CoCo 2 $15, FA: Amiga 500


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Clearing out more of the lot of vintage computers I recently acquired.


Commodore 1084S-P - $85 flat price shipping included - US only please, it will be at least 50-60 dollars to ship with the double box packing required for a CRT

Great shape, works, except the power button is always in the "on" position, which I suppose is better than being stuck "off" lol

You can have this for $35 if you are going to VCF East in May and can pick it up there SOLD


** Updated with photo of the monitor on and working as requested. I could not for the life of me find my Philips style RGB cable, so I hooked it up to a very jealous nearby C128D **


MC-10 Free for the cost of shipping in the US (estimated $10-20 depending on the coast or around $35 dollars to Europe, I used Germany as an example)

Computer only, untested, no power supply or accessories


Tandy Color Computer 2 - $15 plus shipping (estimated $15-$25 depending on the coast)

LOTS of yellowing and some scratches, see pictures, must have been next to a window with a cat on top of it for 20 years

Computer only, untested, guy who sold me the lot said it worked for what that's worth


Also up for Auction is a spare Amiga 500 from my personal collection. I always intended to put a Gotek in it, but never got around to it. SOLD









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Word of advice for shipping CRT monitors:


I just shipped a monitor and it arrived with a discolored spot in the screen. It had apparently been exposed to a magnetic field in transit.


The work necessary to degauss it aside, I spoke with FedEx about special handling instructions on shipping to avoid this in the future. I was told the "Address 2" line of the shipping label can contain handling instructions and is recognized by the system as such. I was advised to fill this field out with "KEEP AWAY FROM MAGNETIC FIELDS," "MAGNETIC-SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS," or similar. I was not told if this would cost extra.


I have not discussed with other services.

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