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--gfx-palette flag

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If you're asking about the stic video output (v1 to v5), isn't that handled by the stic chip itself.  The stic reads ram and rom for graphic pattern definitions and background tile attributes as input.

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Oh, that's problematic. :( 

I'm trying to make an OSSC compatible RGB adaptor. I need to reconstruct the sync as it has two groups of four missing pulses and they prevent the OSSC from locking - which is actually an OSSC problem - they used a not very good IC in their OSSC design that can't handle even temporary loss of sync.

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I learned through hearsay that there are four missing HSYNC pulses before and four after the VSYNC pulse. I am trying to buy an economical Inty so I can produce some oscilloscope images and work out exactly what I need to do to regenerate those missing sync transitions.

The OSSC uses a notoriously bad but cheap sync detector that cannot handle even a very temporary loss of sync, so it thinks there's not a valid signal.

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On 1/27/2019 at 11:44 AM, mr_me said:

The pal version looks completely different, so a pal palette would be nice too.

I'm not sure I answered this:  jzIntv already has a PAL palette and has had one for awhile.  It selects this palette when you launch jzIntv in PAL mode. (--pal)

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Noted, and thank you.

I'm going to go quiet on this project for a little while. I have a console on the way, and a lot of other projects and work that are reaching the last stretch - I'd really like to close some things out and do some tidying up before diving into that console and this project any deeper.

I'll pop up like a funky smell from that plate you pushed under the sofa in a couple of weeks. :D 

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