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No Mans Sky


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I kinda bought a PS4 to play this game after the first big round of updates.  I found a video that was very helpful for beginners.  This isn't it, but it has a lot of the same tips:  https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/no-mans-sky-14-essential-beginners-tips/2900-824/15/


One big tip one was knowing how to travel around large planets.  There are 3 speeds for your ship.  One is just cruising around in the atmosphere.  The second is like an interplanetary speed.  A good rule is that if the estimated time to a destination is more than 5 mins then leave the atmosphere and go interplanetary as it will be faster.  The third speed is for travelling between systems or longer distances.


Haven't touched it in some time now . . .

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I had a few crashes playing before Beyond, and I've had one since. I try to keep the ship nearby to save as much as possible.


My biggest issue is remapping controls doesn't take on PC.  And they changed the way the Steam controller works (touchpad as joystick = unplayable). 8bitdo controller maps as Switch controller with the buttons reversed (shakes fist at Nintendo). Not even going to bother trying a DS4 or XB1 controller, I've read on Era that people are having issues with those, too.  I'm just using mouse and keyboard until they fix it.


And that biofuel generator needs to be changed. If it took 50 trees worth of carbon to power your house for an hour IRL, we'd still all be drawing on cave walls.

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On 8/15/2019 at 3:02 PM, PlaysWithWolves said:

Having to find save points is really annoying.  I know later I'll be able to build a save point machine, but I'm not there yet.

I've crashed twice on PC after doing a fair amount of exploring and gathering each time.  

I just get in my ship. Then exit it. It saves then.

If you ship isn’t near you , you can call it to your current position . Just make sure it’s loaded with launcher fuel when you leave it.

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