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The 'A' Bin


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I have some thing like that, based around this awesome set of drawers I found at a game store. It literally just came in when I saw it, and decided I have to have it, and bought and walked out with it and a copy of Wall Ball that was in it. Unfortunately most of the non-Atari games don't fit in it so well, so to prevent damage I just keep those games that fit in it well.


Atari Service



And the drawers open, Crazy Climber is the one I'm most fond of cause I consider it one of my best finds in the wild. Also, all three of those Coleco games have Gemini stickers on them, which I enjoy cause I have a Gemini. :)


Atari A Games

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Yep.... I have my VCS games stacked alphabetically, but I have a couple cart holders off to the side. It's hard to grab a game from the stacks because they're 15 high, and replacing them is no fun, especially if I take one from the bottom.


So a nice scientific account of my VCS favorites... they'e in no particular order in the cart holders:


Jawbreaker, Berzerk, Grand Prix, Stampede, Home Run, Solar Fox, Spider Man, Jr. Pac Man, Video Pinball, Ms. Pac Man, Frankenstein's Monster, Pitfall, Kaboom, Missile Command, Zaxxon, Moonsweeper, Phoenix, Defender, Demon Attack, Laser Blast, Mario Bros., Dragster, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Millipede, Maze Craze, Ice Hockey, Warlords, Frogger, Combat, Adventure, DK Jr., Yars Revenge, Turmoil, Fishing Derby, Haunted House, Video Olympics, Starmaster, Keystone Kapers, River Raid, Gangster Alley, Space Invaders, Fast Food, Juno First, Laser Gates, Pressure Cooker, Tennis, Alien, Asteroids

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