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I'm working on a new Colecovision game!


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Here's a brand new game I'm working on! :)

Mind Controlled is heavily inspired by Berzerk/Frenzy and Superhot games.
In Mind Controlled, time moves only when you move!
A simple but addictive game!

I'm planning to have about 36 levels in the game, with over 100 different rooms

I might also do a Intellivision version once the Colecovision is done ;)

''Mind is software''





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Yes that sounds amazing!!!


I really enjoyed Super Hot and Bezerk and Frenzy are some of the best games of all times.


I am very much looking forward to buying this one!




Here's how the computer is going to be in the game

I'm really trying to make something different with this game

Let's hope it will turns into something really fun :)



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I have the level designs finished. Its just a matter of constructing the actual rooms, which shouldnt take too long. I want to thank retroillucid and Collectorvision for giving me a second project to work on! I enjoy working for you guys, and I love doing this kind of work! :)


Edit: And Ill say it again: this game is going to kick so much ass!

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That looks great!  Frenzy Arena!


Here are a few ideas from me..


I think if you include Evil Otto, indestructible, moving slowly, and pair him up with a destroyable one that moves faster from the other side of the room, it may had some more fun.  An Otto like robot that shifts between destructible and non would be interesting as well.


How about adding some adjustable portals that players can drop to make shots and players warp from one to another?


How about laser ricochet square mirrors that can be rotated or rotate by the player(s) or levels to make ricochet shots way more deadlier?


I think a bunch of levels with strange machinery that can be enabled and disabled (by shooting or other means) that change the room or physics or something would be interesting.


It might be interesting if you can incorporate some kind of league play to allow groups of friends to play in a string of games in one setting.


If you incorporate health, it might be interesting to see players take damage and effect their performance, run speed, shots, etc?


Having the classic robots come out for one player or the other, or ones that change colors and sides would be crazy.


Cameos of other classic robots (Dark Stalker Intellivision robots, other classic robots, etc) would be great.


I hope some of these ideas get your juices flowing and help you make what I am sure is going to be a great game!







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