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Intellivision Entertainment launching a NEW Intellivision console


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On Atariage I have not seen one comparison between Phoenix and Chameleon. Where have there been comparisons? People have said Mike Kennedy and the Chameleon thing happened. Saying something happened in a review or commentary doesn't mean you are accusing CollectorVision of doing it. Merely mentioning something happened in the past doesn't accuse CollectorVision of doing it again. You need to directly connect the two. I have not seen that anywhere on Atari Age or Youtube.


I have not heard one thing about Mike Kennedy since he made that last ditch effort non-apology to the community about how he too was scammed by Mr. Lee or whoever was working on the prototype. The next thing I heard about Mike Kennedy was the CollectorVision Phoenix Kickstarter saying they have nothing to do with Chameleon or Coleco Holdings. It needed to be said, and they said it. No one is questioning that they have any connections.

You are right that the Chameleon stuff isn't here. Its mainly replies to other online coverage. Just tired of hearing about it. I do almost wish that they held off on the announcement considering we have to wait until 2020.

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Again, my friend is still not clear what role Bernie Madoff and Mike Kennedy are playing in the release of this new system. Please advise.


Madoff hired George Soros to install chem trails into the new system. Its all very well documented. Combine that with the fact the new system will turn frogs gay...and you have a recipe for disaster..not to mention a new generation of Uber Gay Gaming Frogs.


The very fact they are manufacturing this system on the very spot of World Trade Towers Building 7 should give you pause. And combine that with Tommy censoring free speech globally....and secretly having a crush on Hillary from the last Molesto-Pizza-Ring gathering last month......



(Sarcasm mode off)

I go away for a week on holiday and i come back to a thread that took a left turn at albuquerque!


As for Tommy's STFU comment about a system thats not been released........ I kinda agree with his overall thoughts.


Be like folks flipping out over the newest ford car thats still in prototype mode.


Lets all chill out...........and wait for a system. Its got 24 months to evolve and change. Now is the time to make requests...not to yell at the DJ for a wedding reception we have yet to attend.



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I am sorry 200.00 with two controllers and the atari slot or adapter it's 2018

the parts are cheaper now and the molding is smaller


It is supposed to be a ColecoVision console for ColecoVision fans. Later on they figured they can add Adam support, 2600 support, and a bunch of other stuff. But the focus is and always will be ColecoVision. But, the Kickstarter was not going to reach the goal, so they decided to slap on 2600 support hoping it would help. They can't redesign the prototype in the middle of the kickstarter, so they say they will do a cartridge adapter later on.


It wouldn't be a huge problem to have it include no controllers if the ColecoVision controller wasn't so bad. They say they will develop a modern ColecoVision game pad at a future date.


There was no reason to not include Adam support, it is a daughter board attached to a ColecoVision. Once again they say that will come at some point in the future.

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Will Intellivision Amico have ColecoVision games? If it has 2600 and Intellivision games, it only seems natural to also have ColecoVision games.


It would be fun to buy a game and get 3 versions (Atari 2600, Intellivision, Coleco) to be able to play and compare.


I'd be shocked if the Amico had original titles from any system that is not Intellivision. I'd go so far as to simply say: No.


But -- could you clarify your question? In terms of the original titles, only Intellivision titles will be present via the baked-in emulator, though they will come from various original sources (Imagic, Mattel, INTV Corp. et. al.).


IIANM, only the "reimagined and upgraded" Atari titles will be available -- no original unchanged 2600 titles.


I think if you wanted to do that kind of compare/contrast, the best option is a RetriPie-based system which you can pull together relatively easily.


Most ColecoVision titles were arcade licenses, at least in its heyday, so at most, you'd see a "reimagined and upgraded" exclusive take on some arcade port that happened to also appear on CV.

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In the trailer and press release they list a bunch of Atari 2600 and Intellivision games. All of those games will be remakes and not the roms of the cartridge releases?


There were probably less than 10 actual original ColecoVision games. The rest were arcade ports. I would like to see those lesser known arcade games that got more well known on the ColecoVision like Mouse Trap or Time Pilot.

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Looking at the trailer, the section is tagged "Reimagined Game Licenses", then "Intellivision Classics Remade!" then "Atari Classics Remade!", "Imagic Classics Remade!", followed by numerous specific properties.



  • Intellivision-specific titles will (probably) have ​two​ versions -- the new, reimagined​ version, plus the original console cartridge version
  • Everything else will be new, reimagined version only -- so no original Yars' Revenge​ for example, only the reimagined one

At the keynote, Tommy mentioned "Everything you see on this slide will be available" (going by memory).


So I guess really, the question for you is:

Do you want to see reimagined versions of Mouse Trap, Time Pilot, et. al.


The picture that's emerging is that these older IPs form a baseline set of games to show off the features of the system w/ multiplayer, leader boards, skill balancing, and so forth. They will also be inexpensive and likely can be delivered more quickly than "from the ground up" brand new titles. And they are the "hooks" for "old farts like us" (OK, speaking for myself here) -- as long as we're willing to accept that these games are not​ the originals, and meant to get us to try to get our kids and younger friends interested in the system. There are certainly newer properties in this mix as well -- from well beyond the late 70s and early 80s.


Ultimately, I think they want fresh, new IP to appear on the system, as well as popular current IP with an "Amico take". If the system can set its hook in enough people, the hope is that more good stuff, even big name stuff, will make an appearance. Time will tell.

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Most of the Atari games listed were arcade games. Adventure, and Yars Revenge are true 2600 games.


Like intvsteve says, I'd be surprised if there's any other emulators besides classic intellivision.


Some of the titles seem a little odd. E.g. motoraceusa, ten yard fight, lode runner, and even moon patrol. I'm looking forward to see yars revenge. Actually, I'd be more interested to see load runner than miner 2049er. It just seems a little odd.

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2 hours ago, Intymike said:

Don’t give Rev ideas…

You know what they say. What happens in the dark back corner of the Oregon Convention Center parking garage, stays in the dark back corner of the OCC parking garage.

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5 hours ago, gunoz said:

You know what they say. What happens in the dark back corner of the Oregon Convention Center parking garage, stays in the dark back corner of the OCC parking garage.

They can say that all they want.  It doesn't make it true.


<feverishly tries to wash off the shame that never leaves>

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On 5/29/2018 at 6:53 PM, Rev said:

News roundup. Ahem....Nerd Alert!
























Movie Web










































USA Today














Lets not forget local news channel 48 WAFF from the Tennessee Valley!



What a difference in the mainstream news headlines. ?















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