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Jaguar ST Ports 2.4


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Well finally I am happy to announce that Jaguar ST ports 2.4 are now available for pre-order.

1943 and Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters are the games

The games will be available in three flavours for the first time!
Cart only £36
Complete in box £50
Clear and RED carts are £5 extra per game.

To pre-order please use the usual email address
Any enquiries through AA will be redirected to the email address.

Please include your PayPal email, AA handle, your country of residence and with the title of 19 ROBOTS so I can spot it in my inbox.



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Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters looks interesting.. Would you call that an isometric platformer?


edit: will these games be available for very long?

Thanks for the response everyone. I'll get around to sending invoices over the weekend.

The games are available for pre-order until 30th June.

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Escape from the planet of the robot monsters has one of the best opening theme tunes of any game ever IMHO! I played this to death on my ST back in the day. It came bundled with the Discovery Xtra pack if memory serves me correctly.


The only way I ever completed it was using a cheat I saw on the TV show GamesMaster. Dropping bombs and waggling the joystick at the gates of the boss levels allowed you to escape without having to kill the boss. Great days. I wonder if this works on the Jaguar version?

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