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AVGCart (pre)order thread I


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as stated in the other thread, use this thread to (pre)order AVGCart.


The current offer is limited to 30 carts, I plan to ship 10-15 next week (if nothing goes wrong at the last minute), the rest in 3-4 weeks (I ran out of some parts with longer delivery time).


Price is 35 EUR + 5 EUR shipping + paypal fees (use either send money to friends and family or add the fees manually).


More info about the cart in this thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/278212-avgcart/or in this nice video by ndary



For technical question please use the other thread.


Just to make sure it's clear, due to form factor and shell used, it will not fit Atari 800 or 1200XL (at least not when in the supplied shell).


Order status will be tracked in this file since I won't be able to edit this thread.




After all the orders are shipped, a new thread will be started if there will be demand for more.



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as previously requested I'm in it for two carts...

and if it can save you and me some shipping and cost, no shells, just the stickers.... using it with a 1200XL and already have shells....

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