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That was painful. I like how he points out on the INTV controller that you need to use two hands all the time. Last I checked, so does the 2600.


And when talking about the overlays he dismisses them as just pretty numbers and symbols that you don't know what they are. Except on his example overlay, it clearly had writing below the button to tell you what it was for.


He is clearly biased on the 2600. I get that. It was the first system for a lot of people. But if you take a fair look at all the systems of the era, you will always find faults. Each has pros and cons. Including the 2600.

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I saw the topic and thought "World Of Warcraft... on the Intellivision?? This I gotta see." Now I'm disappointed.


On the video: I turned it off after a couple of minutes. From the beginning it was obvious that the focus of the review was going to be less "Atari vs. Intellivision" and more "I will tell you all the things I think suck about the Intellivision, because Atari is so great and it is a legend." Meh.


I have no interest in listening to the guy tell me how much better he thinks the Atari console looks, or how bad the Intellivision controller is. Even his comparisons seem to be out of whack:

  • The Intellivision controller sucks because it is difficult to hold in one hand, it requires two hands at all times (grabs controller with two hands in some sort of weird way).
  • The Atari controller rules because it is so easy to use that anybody who looks at it knows immediately what to do (says the guy, while struggling awkwardly to hold it in one hand -- I guess to make a point -- and conveniently failing to mention that it also requires two.)





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It's true that with many Intellivision games you should take five minutes and read the instructions before playing. This guy read the instructions and still couldn't figure out Auto Racing and NFL Football. Thousands of 10 year old kids could do it, what's wrong with this guy?


Edit: And yes, if you drive your car into a pond you will have trouble getting out. You might be better off crashing.

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At the end of the video, he's gracious and says that but for a couple things (complexity and controllers) he'd actually give the victory to Intellivision - which sounds more like repeating old tropes that have been around for years. It was tough to get that far in the video, and I did skip some of the middle part. IMO it was a mistake to compare Intellivision Masters of the Universe vs. Atari Defender - though I think it was to the Intellivision's advantage. Surely there could have been a different pair to compare if a direct comparison couldn't be done.


Like others have said here, he seems like a nice guy, and does put in some effort - but "pick up and play" for NFL Football is just doomed to failure unless that's the specific thing you're trying to compare.

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