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Indus GT issue


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My Indus GT seems to be having heat related issues. When first powered on it seems to run OK, but after 15 to 20 minutes I start getting errors (G4, G5, F9 during format). These start at the higher tracks, such as 35 and above, then progressively gets worse with errors occurring at track 20 and above, then about any track. I removed the cover, but that didn't seem to help much. I cover the drive when it's powered off and not in use to prevent dust.


I bought two boxes of new 5.25 inch double density floppy disks, but these may have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for years.


There doesn't seem to be any place to repair these drives, and although I see some Indus GT drives for sale online, I don't know what version they are and if I could use my ramcharger with them.

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In theory any Indus GT will work with RamCharger, as long as it has the 1.20 firmware. If it doesn't, it can be easily burned to and replaced with a 27C32 EPROM.


I'm not as familiar with the indus drives hardware, but I would check the voltages in the drive when it starts developing those intermittent issues. Maybe the 5V and 12V supplies are going out of spec if there are regulators for that, etc. Another simple check would be to test RPM at that point...

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you can diagnose by fitting a 1050 tandon mech into the indus - if the problem is gone then the mech was to blame, if the fault remains then the gremlin is in the PCBs

i found mine to have a dirty ROM socket. a wiggle/refit improved access so i replaced the socket and now it is reliable. i would advise check all IC sockets though


i wonder if yours has a stepper motor issue. they can be metered for resistance in the windings but it could also be the logic that controls it?


there is a good service manual for the indus:


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check power supply under load when errors are happening.... brick might be going bad, or even swap the power brick for another


clean and re-seat everything you can, if possible drop in a known good mech and then check out the capacitors and voltage regulators.... lastly check solder joints and touch them up... de-oxit and leaded solder are you friends..


you can use an aero duster to spot check chips and such by holding the can upside down and lightly frosting some chips... if the drive works again zero in on the chips you cooled off... do them one at a time...


conversely a sprayer bottle with isospropyl alcohol high content no oil or rub, can be sprayed on chips and watch who dries super fast compared to the others.. it may give you visual clues as to who's lost it....


as for caps, it's normally the electrolytic cans that dry out and get funky or BULGE and leak...


once all is well put the old mech back in and use the indus gt diag disk, if it checks out... exercise the drive... make sure every thing is as clean as a whistle... never lube more than a drop if needed

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I took the cover off and located a small (80 mm) cooling fan to the left of the drive so that it blows air left to right across the drive, including through the lower narrow slow. It seems to be helping, even the floppy disks that I remove after 15 minutes of doing formats and read / write tests feel cool when I take them out of the drive, but I'll need more testing.

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