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GHP Wonder Wizard Television Sports Game Console 7702


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Ok my system hung while typing 20 mins into it, so I'll try it again. drama drama . . .


I am looking for a potentiometer because of a glitchy right controller on this 40 + year old pong game. This must be one that's hard to find or maybe an alternative wasn't ever made. Certainly haven't come across an oem. I'd love an oem one because it has to be the same size to fit on the system board; not an experienced engineer to modify a board. Modifying a detachable controller is easy. I haven't had any luck finding this POT. The numbers on it are 220337-3 / 235640. Anyone have any of these or know where how to find them?


I've attached some pics.


Regards, Spencer.








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It looks like you will need a 500K linear, single turn carbon track pot to replace it, finding them with the pins bent like that is not easy as most modern PCB mounting pots have the legs coming straight out of the bottom on a 0.1 inch pitch or less. If it was not for the fact that there is no threaded section it looks more like a panel mount one.


You could try bending the legs of a panel (or PCB) mount one although I suspect that the mounting thread will not fit through the hole in the panel, consequently you may have the glue the new pot to the PCB to hold it in place, widen the hole in the Panel to accommodate the thread and file down the spindle.

Alternatively spraying it with switch/contact cleaner can sometimes stop glitches if it is caused by dirt rather than contact ware but ultimately it is only a stop gap solution. To get an exact replacement pot that fits without a lot of fiddling I suspect you will have to find another unit to use as spares.

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Well I haven't been able to find any NOS pots for this game system, and haven't been able to find a suitable substitute for the pot. Yeah I found other 500K pots similar to it but not with the 1" D shaft. I found some that were about a half inch - knew it probably wouldn't work, but they were vintage, so I bought them anyway.


I actually removed it from the system board thinking it would be easy to find them since I found some pots for the older Valley VI games I have. So I decided to take Stargunner's suggestion and clean it. I used a cleaner/lubricate and yeah it certainly loosened it up and the resistance did show 500K, SO I re-soldered it to the board. It works much better than before but NOT like a new one would. At least now it's controllable, whereas before it was impossible to hit the volley ball with the paddle.


I'd still love to find some NOS if anyone has a spare or two. I'd of course pay s/h.


Thanks, Spencer.

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