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PS2 slim power adapter amps


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I have a NTSC Japan PS2 slim, older model 70000 series. I'm planning to use a power adapter from the newer 79100 slim. I notice that while both are 8.5v, the older power supplies are something like 5.6A while the newer version is 4.5A. Is it OK to use this newer one with my console?

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Generally the safe option (assuming the output voltage is regulated, which it should be in this case) is to use a PSU with a higher current output than the unit requires (higher than that of the original PSU). Consequently whether the 4.5A supply is safe to use depends on exactly how much current the PS2 needs, for example...

If the PS2 only consumes 3 Amps, and they just went a little overboard with the current output specifications of the original PSU then using the 4.5A PSU will be fine, however

if the PS2 consumes 4.5 Amps or more that would cause the 4.5A supply problems such as output voltage being low and/or overheating.



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Well I don't have those supplies in hand myself, but the JPN PSU would only expect a 100v input on the AC line and that might account for it producing a higher amperage output as a result of that while the US one would be expecting 120v. I'm only speculating here, but I could see that possibly be part of the difference.


But as Stephen already stated above, you need to see what the PS2 itself lists as its required amperage requirement to be sure.

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Yep, the Sony brand PSU seems to be international. They all accept from 100 - 240v. So I'm good there. I guess I'm really just wondering if the older slims actually demand more amperes than the more recent versions. I may simply track down a used original Sony version with the older model number. The new generic Chinese replacements are all crap.

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Yeah you are perfectly fine. The system will only pull the amperage it needs to function. They are generally modern switching supplies which are designed for universal voltage input.


I know I'd be fine if the situation were reversed. But I hope to use the 4.5A supply with the 5.6A console. I'm just wondering if the 5.6A supply is essential or if 4.5 is more than enough.

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