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What is the screw for a Vectrex cart case?


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I have the same issue , but I need to find the European correspondence.

- 3/4" Length, I can translate

- Type B, #4-24 : what does it mean ?



Type B = Point Type. In this case think of it as a slightly angled point that has a flat tip, In reality the original Vectrex screw is really a Type 25 point that is also also self tapping / cutting. But Type B points seem to be easier to find

Picture URL for screw point types: http://elginfasteners.com/resources/screw-point-types/


#4 = the screw diameter size. In metric the closest is M2.9 (sheet metal) or M3 (machine screw) or M3.5 (sheet metal)

24 = the number of threads per inch

For a direct metric replacement i would estimate a M2.9 x 1 or M3.5 x 1.3. Either in 19mm length is the one to use.

The original era screw type is a steel sheet metal screw. Also used for plastic. Though I have see people use a machine screw type in the past. Sheet metal screws work better for the plastic case and are easy to find. I have also seen people use other screw material types (brass, copper, etc) for a cool / different look.

The original era screws are black color Black Zinc was used. But a black phosphate could be used. I have also seen people use other colors. Or paint. Or sharpie.
The head type for the original screw is a cheese head. But a pan head looks close and is easier to find.


See my previous post for a good source of black screws at a reasonable cost.

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On 8/20/2018 at 1:22 PM, Vectrexer said:

Even better since they match the original screw




Steel Sheet Metal Screw, Black Zinc Plated Finish, Pan Head, Phillips Drive, Type B, #4-24 Thread Size, 3/4" Length (Pack of 100)


Anywhere from $3.17 to $10.00 for 100 screws

I know this is an old thread but it's where people end up when looking for that info.  An alternative to the above, with a flat head, is https://www.amazon.com/Finish-degrees-Phillips-Thread-Length/dp/B00GI6MUJO/

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I've been taking apart the Vectrex systems I own and have found that the two Hong Kong units (Serial Nos. 0092244 & 0146125) are both held together by a set of five black anodized sheet metal screws with flat tips, like the ones recommended for replacement in the Amazon link above in post #5.  The bottom center screw is of course much longer than the others.


In my Taiwan unit (Serial No. 128157A), the top two screws are the same as above but the bottom three screws including the longer one are different, slightly longer screws with wider threads and self-cutting tips.  These being different makes me think they are possible replacements but this particular unit saw very little use, so this is a bit hard to imagine.  Can I assume there was some variance in the original screws that were used in the system itself?


I've attached a photo below for reference.



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