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Selling my BRAND NEW KayPro 8088 PC, in the box!


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Yep... selling my KayPro... long story short, here's the link:





COPY/PASTE from eBay:





YOU ARE LOOKING AT AN OEM / ORIGINAL KayPro 8088 PC. This was the cream of the crop model from ~1985 that came with all the good stuff.
KayPro 8088 Specs / Includes:
  • NEC V20 / Intel Compatible 8088 Processor
  • Switchable 8.77 MHz to 4.77 MHz
  • 1mb memory (640k Base, and 384k for BIOS and / VRAM drive)
  • 5.25" Teac 360k Floppy Drive
  • 20mb Seagate ST-225 RLL Hard Drive
  • Full-sized case
  • BTC 88 Key Keyboard
  • Power Cable
  • DOS 3.2
HOW I GOT IT: So, here's the long story... I bought this on eBay, brand new. It was purchased for a school system (DODIS I think). It's pre-loaded with all of the default KayPro software, the menu system, writing application, math applications, etc. The guy who I bought it from got it along with a lot of a lot of other stuff (unrelated). The KayPro computer never made it into service. When I purchased it, the computer had never been opened, and hadn't been turned on since it was put into storage decades ago. Thankfully, the computer had been stored (best I can tell, and from the original owner) in air conditioned storage. There is no rust, no oxidization. The computer is 100% perfect, as it would have come from the factory. Unfortunately, because it went through the school system, they took the manuals and software disks. So you literally only get what I show above, computer, power cable, keyboard, and box.
PERSONAL PROBLEMS: I hate to sell it, I really do... but I move every 3 years, and this is my first move with the computer. I just don't have the life situation that would allow me to set this up and actually use it. I bought this solely because it was EXACTLY like the one I had when I was a kid. Incidentally, after buying another one and cannibalizing it, I got mine to work, and I couldn't bring myself to actually do anything with THIS one (in the auction) because it was brand new. So... I'm selling it. I'm hoping it goes to someone who is going to appreciate it and maybe keep it good condition.
Note: This computer is being sold AS NEW, because it is. The only time it was ever turned on, was by the school system to install some software, and then again by me decades later, just to test it and make this video (below). This is the actual computer. PLEASE BE AWARE, you will not be getting my KayPro monitor with it.

Also, I put the power cable in a bag so it wouldn't bounce around, replaced the rubber band on the cable connector with a black zip tie. Also, will package in a box, outside of this box, to protect the original box. Also, the case isn't curved, that's just the lense of the camera because I took it at a weird angle. Thanks!


YouTube Video:


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Congrats on the sale! The machine reminds me of my old 8088- my first IBM PC Compatible. Came with 640K, dual 5 1/4 and 3 1/2" drives, Hercules graphics card and a 20 MB hard drive.


Thanks, kind of sad... but you know... I can't keep two of them. And... no point in using the brand new one when I have my original and it works!

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