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Programmers Needed!


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I am creating at task board at http://csmp3.monday.com and if you want to be added as a team member email me at atariancomputers@gmail.com and we will begin development on the next phase of the game.. we will split profits of the game evenly amongst contributers and what was contributed.

as current i need:

a.) Co-ordinator

b.) artist / coder

c.) musician

d.) someone who is really good at porting c# code to an 8bit based programmign language

e.) some one who is really good at coming up with good plot points

now for mission to the unknown these are daleks so this is going to be a dr. who based game

and ghosts of quabbin is going to be based off this h.p lovecraft short story for the plot


email me at atariancomputers@gmail.com

and put GAME DEVELOPMENT in the subject

thank you


CSMP3 / Talon Programming

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C# is mentioned so perhaps he has made the groundwork for a PC game in C# and now is looking to port it to Atari 8-bit, and in the process would want to flesh it out with a plot as well as the other?


Edit: Ok, some background here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/282853-daleks-of-skaro-ideas-and-proof-of-concept/

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i was planning on making the atari version alot more verbose as opposed to the graphics heavy / dependant pc/max/linux versions..

it stil will have the graphic elements but i want to work and focus more on the plot in the atari version as a companion to the pc version.. prehaps they will interact in someway.. theres one option

or we could do a full on port.

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i have the original source code and will only be giving it to registered contributors who will agree not to run off with the game and sign something stating they will not run off with the 10 years of work ive done developing the engine, the code and the universethat has been built.. i do hold the copyrights to the sourcecodes.. and i am in negotiations with the nation family to get licensing for the daleks

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i mean its just gonna be a freeware/shareware game anyways.. so.. its no big deal.. i just dont want someone running off with my game saying oh i created this game when all they did was make one screen or one song. that would be a shame and a pity to all whom have helped me in the past and all future contributors

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