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Mario Odyssey is one year old?


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i've been watching my son play it long enough to know 'this is not the game for me', lol. i think the last one of the 3D-style Marios I played was Sunshine, and that was enough. ;)


i have so many stinkin' games that are going to be the 'one game' and i will never finish any of em it seems like. is this what it's like to get old? lol

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I guess what do you consider finish? If for you beating Bowser is finishing the game then its not bad at all.

I didn't get close to beating Bowser. I think I finished that desert level and then started the next one, got frustrated and quit and never returned.


I think I'm kinda over this style of game, where you need to keep doing the same thing over and over until you're good enough at a particular section to not die. Those kinds of games just frustrate me now. I used to like building up my hand-eye coordination until I could pass a section of a platformer, but now it feels like kind of a waste of my time. When am I ever going to use that skill again? I realize this is the way an old person thinks about video games.


The games I find myself gravitating towards these days are games with either more generalized skills (so, they could be action games relying on hand-eye coordination, but not *specific* movements that only apply to that game), or games where I need to use my brain and think through problems to reach the goal.


I *know* my general hand-eye coordination is pretty good too, because I just took a pilot assessment test for a major airline and I got a score literally 5 times higher than some *actual pilots* who were taking the same test. But still I get frustrated and quit playing freakin' Super Mario Odyssey. It's these games with super-specific skills that only apply to that game that I can't deal with anymore.

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I guess what do you consider finish? If for you beating Bowser is finishing the game then its not bad at all. Now getting every moon would be a challenge that I doubt id ever accomplish


Once I finish the story, that's good enough for me at this point. I finished Breath of the Wild and Odyssey, but I'm not going to take time away from playing other games in order to look for korok seeds and moons.

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after my son needled me for like a month about playing Odyssey i finally borrowed his copy. I think i've put 15 hours in it already over the last two days and it's a blast! The holy trinity to me is all there: Graphics, Sound, and really tight controls/gameplay (for the most part.)


i am not a huge fan of 3D platformers (full disclosure, the last ones i played and finished for Mario 64/Mario Sunshine and Zelda:OoT), but this one really knocks it out of the park.


I really enjoy collecting the moons and going through the worlds, though Lost Kingdom has to be the most godawful level ever. That world can suck it, lol.

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Mario Odyssey is what finally got me to buy a Switch this Spring. I have to say I really like it and played it solid until I got the main story done. I admit, I'll probably never get every moon, but I got enough to get to the 'Darker Side Of the Moon' finally. I took a break for a while and played Minecraft on my Switch, but have been back at Odyssey pretty regular these past couple of weeks. If nothing else, it's fun to trundle about the various worlds.

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