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Tool for extracting sprite graphics from a 7800 rom


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I don't know if I want to disclose that yet... I might want to keep it a secret until the unveil. ;-)



I understand, indeed I have a lot of "secret" jobs (WIP) that at the moment I can not share for various reasons.


For example, among these projects, I think you'll be glad to know that some time ago I started working on the graphics of Perry's Dig Dug XM ( I'm looking at your avatar :) ).

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You can try Omnivore for Atari XL/XE


Click right button on "Bitmap" window and set Bitmap Width=256

Go to View->Bitmap Display->2bpp

You can change colors in View->Bitmap->Color->Choose Colors

Remember, the graphics is upside down.


OK, I downloaded Omnivore (the 1.0rc4 version) and followed your instructions up until the part where you said View->Bitmap->Color->Choose Colors (it doesn't have those options under View), so the colors are wonky but more importantly how do I edit the bitmap or save/export it for editing in another program? Thanks.

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it doesn't have those options under View

I notice that ;) But it is not important. Because Maria can display sprites using different palettes. Each sprite can have a different bit combination for colors. Then you will have to set colors for each sprite separately ;(



more importantly how do I edit the bitmap or save/export it for editing in another program?


I don't have a simple answer. I would copy the sprite data from Omnivore and convert it to graphics.

I tried to find a tool that would help you. Unfortunately, nothing comes to my mind.

The only solution that comes to my mind now is printscreen.

Paste into the graphics program (for example MSPaint), crop sprite and resize X and Y = 20%

It is a very primitive method but it works.

Remember this works only for 160A mode!


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I doubt that there would be a universal tool for this.

A7800 has no graphics banks like other computers or consoles. Display list complicate this.

A7800 can do different sizes for each zone from 1 to 16, mostly is 16 but for example I'm using recently 12. Also sprite width can be various.

Data graphics is up side down, every sprite can have different colours. I do not even want mention about 160B mode ;)

Editing graphics without programming skills will be very difficult.
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