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Dungeon Hunt II


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After more than 4 years, the sequel to 2014’s Dungeon Hunt is almost ready! Dungeon Hunt II is based on the original program but features a number of updates and improvements including:

  • Updated and improved monsters and animation
  • All new dungeon levels – 20 this time
  • Wide open spaces within the dungeons
  • Improved dungeon graphics and perspective views
  • Ability to sneak through the dungeon without fighting
  • Limits on the health and mana provided in each level
  • Extended ranged weapon selection
  • Combat menu – choose weapon, movement type, etc
  • Up to 80 monsters per dungeon
  • Ladders linking dungeons above and below – 3D mazes
  • Autosave for each level
  • Ability to go directly to an already solved level


Overall DH2 is larger, more challenging and visually more appealing.


Because of the new levels and difficulty settings I’m looking for a few play-testers to give the game a try and let me know how well balanced it is. If anyone is interested in receiving an advance copy and giving it a test drive, please contact me here asap.








Thank you



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thank you for the positive feedback!



Will you be offering the digitally personalized copies again?

At this point the plan is to release it into the public domain without any personalization.


We might consider a very limited cartridge release - still thinking about that one.

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Holidays at home until the end of the year so I could put some time into testing this, however I suck a playing games :)


Just wondering also , as I have missed the first DH release, is it still available as a Gold Edition (box,manual,disk) and would you consider such an option for the DH II version ?

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Hmmm, I do have both versions of DH (part 1) - the boxed disk and the boxed cart version. Think I can give away one of them, but have not decided which one yet (which one to keep and which one to give away; disk requires 48k RAM, cart. requires 64k RAM). Problem is, both are personalized versions, stating that CharlieChaplin is the owner, so if I give one of them away... and if the Atarian buying that version from me makes further / pirate copies... then everyone thinks it was me...


What version will last longer, the DH disk version or the DH (atarimax) flashcart version ?!? 5,25" DD-Disks usually last for 30-50 years, what about flashcarts...?!? But I love carts... decisions, decisions and 1st world problems...


Very interested in DH2, since it looks really good...

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eegad, on 05 Jan 2019 - 12:44 PM, said:

Looking forward to this... Any estimate of how much longer until it's finished?

I'm currently bashing my head against a brick wall trying to debug some assembly code (at which I am totally hopeless). Hopefully I can get that fixed soon and the game will be available by:


Canadian Thanksgiving

US Thanksgiving



Chinese New Year



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Huge fan of the original game. I'd pay for a personal disk copy again.




Me too - I´ve a cart of the first version. :)


If there´s such a lovely box again, I would be very happy to get a cart of the 2nd edition, too! :-)


I´m looking forward, Sleepy

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