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Coming soon... Atari Sabre Wulf...

Bob The Bug

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7 minutes ago, bfollowell said:

It looks really good graphic-wise, but having never heard of it, I thought, what kind of game is it? Surely there's more to it than just wandering around in the jungle trying to find your way out. Then I saw the video for Sabre Wulf Remastered and I thought, here we go, now I can see what this game is all about. However, it seems to be the same sort of thing. Just wandering around in the jungle, trying to find your way out, I'm assuming, no action at all. It seems rather boring to me, assuming that really is all there is to the game. It does look really nice though, both the remastered version and the A8 version. Just not my cup of tea, assuming there isn't more meat there that I'm missing. Maybe there's some aspects of the game that aren't there yet, that will be added later. I really hope so, because it's a really nice looking demo/alpha version. Assuming an actual game can be added around the beautiful graphics, I'd love to give it a try.


Of course there is, like creatures moving around:

Also notice that the A8 version as is now (or was) also only have/had the guy moving around:


The A8 problem is still the lack of hardware sprites vs C64 and probably why we have the guy in a single colour to free-up the others PMGs...


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There was a pretty garish version on the BBC micro.  Shame there was a lack of titles ported to the Atari that it could handle well back then.  Coders clearly didn't cut the mustard for the required skill and complexity 🙂.  But... then it might have been the ridiculous deadlines of the Software industry...


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