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VirtualJaguar and debug print to console


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I'm trying to port C code and there are some debug prints.

I case of testing it on Jag with Sunkboard I replaced debug function with "skunkCONSOLEWRITE", which shows all debug information on my PC on jcp console.


Would be cool to have a similar function in VJs, which could print a text to VJ's text console.

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I've faced the same issue. I have code witch works under VJ and doesn't under Jaguar.


Would be cool to have  equivalent of skunkCONSOLEWRITE (debug print just to DOS text console) in Virtual Jaguar.

It would allow me to compare debug output for both Jagaur and VJ.

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16 minutes ago, swapd0 said:

Or code on real hardware, it takes a few seconds to upload the code to a Skunkboard.

I do code on the real Jag, but in the first step I use VJ.

I have Skunkboard, unfortunately it isn't stable enough - I observed that after using a few skunkCONSOLEWRITE in a row, when I do a reset with "JCP -r" I have a red screen with "Jaguar" logo and JCP is not able to connect to the Jag

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