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Centuri's Challenger


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New vaporware that now not a vaporware anymore. It never been dumped. So that's why I had to recreate it and hand it to Collectorvision. So it can finally be release after 35 years. The game is almost 32KB, 28.5KB to be exact. Took 4 week to complete. Majority of the feature from the arcade version is in the game. I took advantage of Colecovision sprite capability and tile map capability. I try to stay on the arcade color palette, which is 8 colors.

Here's a video:


At Skill 1 and 2 setting, I added shields. Because in the arcade version, you get destroyed pretty quickly. Skill 3 is close to the arcade setting, when you explode in 1 hit. I had you to redo sector 4 if the ring swallow you up, Smart bomb will wipe them out at the right time. After sector 8, the rings are bigger so it take 4 spread before they disappear. And the game speed up after sector 16 rather have you restart you at sector 9.

I had surgery done on my knee last week, so I'm taking the recovery time to work on games. Gotta get the mind of the pain right?

I'm now working another vaporware, it's about 45% done. Got the hard part out of the way. Stay tuned.

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Interesting looking game.. never heard of it! Pretty cool though, I dig the sounds and almost vector like graphics in some parts. I just checked out a video of it on YouTube and it looks and sounds pretty darn close to the arcade version! :)


I'm not sure I understand your story though.. So did someone have an actual ColecoVision prototype of this game, that held it for ransom, refusing to release it, so you just remade it? Or was it a never started on BITD in first place, with only mockup screens/promo pics existing and you recreated the game based off of that?


Like I said, I don't recall ever seeing 80s promo material for it but then again, I haven't checked out ColecoVision.dk and some of those other websites, which contain a lot of pics/scans of unreleased/promo stuff in a very long time and I forgot a lot of that stuff. Either way, no matter what, it's really cool that you busted this out while recovering! :thumbsup:


By the way, I feel your pain.. I was recouping from knee surgury (acl) back in 2013, when I first got back on AA, here regularly. It's no fun dealing with that sort of thing but gaming and browsing on here, learning about all the homebrews that I missed out on kept me busy and helped keep my mind off the pain, so I wish you a speedy recovery! Physically therapy helped me out a lot too. Anyways though, I'm looking forward to the next vaporware title(s) that you put out! Cheers


Edit: I just saw Crapahute's CV press kit PDF he uploaded. Sure enough, it's there, along with Phoenix and Vanguard. :P :lust:

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What does the blue walker do in the game?

Those are called Bonus Bug. You dock with it's nose to drain it's points into your point stash. It'll kick you out of the way if you're in it way. Also can block you from into it while standing in place.

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Those are called Bonus Bug. You dock with it's nose to drain it's points into your point stash. It'll kick you out of the way if you're in it way. Also can block you from into it while standing in place.


Such a strange looking part of the game.


Does it shield you from being hit when you're docked with it?

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I'm going to post some WIPs gif I took, show the progression.


1/11: One of the first thing I do is to make the sprite engine. I have to predict how many sprites are going to be on a line and what kind of flickering technique I need to use. So it is rare to have more than 4 sprites on a line so 30hz is fine, so there's 8 visible sprite viewable to the player. I have blend frame on and you can see the white rings gray means the flickering is working. Usually unused sprites initial position is 0 and I'm updating 32 sprites, even they are aren't used so that's why the space ship is flicker on the top screen.


I've Programmed objects and stress testing the game engine by having the game spawn object til the slots are full. So the gameloop have 3 delay(1)s so it runs at 20fps. The biggest drain is the software collision detection between 6 shots vs 16 objects. So it check 2 shots vs 16 object in each delay loop.


I guessed the bogey's movement for the first time and I got pretty damn close with the red one. The bogey's movement is the sole reason why the enemy source code takes 20-30 minutes to compile and I am not using cos sin or tables for these.I have all 4 bogeys have slightly different movement.

1/20: The bonus bug. I had to make 100 patterns for the numbers alone. JK only 20 patterns. But I'm really happy this feature works and the only object that isn't sprite.


1/21: Scripted the blackhole event. Notice the border change, which is a good debug to tell me that the path have taken. Also when it turns red, then it tells me it fires and it a place holder for another event to be program.


1/22: Day of my surgery. I programmed 2 death event. The worm one's my favorite. I had the ship teleport off to the screen when they collide, so the worm is forced to chase after the human.


1/23: Super bomb. If you notice the windows in Pong win/lose screen, or Flappy Bird, then I used that function to produce the blackhole bomb. disable and enable NMI is between function call here, therefore the sound will stall a bit. No VRAM corruption :thumbsup:


The blackhole vacuum event. Very tricky to find which blackhole it is and use another not used sprite over that one and despawn all the other rings.


I wanted to share the gif I delivered to JF over the past weeks on my progress of this game to you all have a good night.

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That is a cool looking game. I love the vector look. I had to look it up on youtube as I have never heard of it.


I love that strange company Centuri, they have some wonderful weird games that often did not get a home release..


Rip-Off, Targ ,Eagle, Killer Comet, Phoenix, Pleiads, The Pit ,Vanguard, Challenger ,Locomotion,Swimmer, Time Pilot,Tunnel Hunt , Gyruss,Guzzler, Munch Mobile, Mikie: High School Graffiti,Badlands
So many wonderful games in this list.. and many that have not made it to platforms or could use a good updating like we see the developers here do.
Personally I would love to see The Pit come out soon, that game is very obscure and one of my faves as a kid.
I put too many quarters in The Pit and Megazone back when I was a kid and its a shame both of those never really came out on consoles.
Of course if these game along with Mikie get made on the Omni or the Phoenix I am sure they would be quite excellent!
Ah the golden era to be a kid in the arcade in the 80's
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