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Berks 3

256 colors

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Almost there ;-)


I started off with the intention of converting Berks 3 to the Atari and adding a few enhancements to make it Berks 3+. However, it just kept growing so it's now Berks Four.


The new game has 4 'Worlds' with the original Berks 3 game effectively being World 3.


I've deliberately programmed Berks Four in the same style as the original so I hope it's not too retro for people.


I'm hoping to upload in a week or two ... unless anything nasty crops up in testing.


PS: The game will need 64K to run and I'm still scratching around trying to find a few more bytes for the final tweaks!



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If you wanted to have things run in just 16K then do consider using a cartridge model to help with that, here's Jet Boot Jack in that form :)




Thanks for the suggestion. I did a fair amount of cartridge based games on the NES and SNES but have never looked at this for the Atari.


My problem is that the game has grown so much that I'm using (and reusing) all of the RAM including the space available under the ROMs. There's a lot of swapping around of data in order to get everything in the right place at the right time and I'd be concerned that trying to rework this for a cartridge model would take too long. I'll certainly take a look back on some threads about Atari cartridge based games though.


PS: Jet Boot Jack .... ah, the memories ;-)

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