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"AgaCart" my version of the Atari Lynx SD cartridge


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I assume that the AgaCart does not support any mechanism for a game to save high score on the SD cart? Does the AgaCart have an 93c46 eeprom on board?


I know that these things are not important for 99% of the games. But in case there is some kind of eeprom support it would be nice to modify the cc65 template to support it for future games.

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It's just as you write, AgaCart does not support the results because of the very small number of games that support it.


You made a great work, but the lack of support of an eeprom save is a big missing for my needs.


The use of the eeprom saves have been standardized and added to the karri's cart template, so it's likely that more and more developers will start using it.


Maybe in a future revision you could consider to add it.

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