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Old pictures of our Atari 8-bit setups


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7 hours ago, Bill Lange said:



Here is my rig from the summer of 1983. I built the desk in high school freshman year wood shop class. Atari 400 to which I added a switch to turn off the internal speaker. 


Bonus point for the boxed software. I don't know anyone who saved boxes back then.

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I was born a little too late to be able to share any pictures like this, so these are really cool to see, pictures of back when these guys were new. Makes me a little envious to be honest, the aesthetics are so on point, and that's just how it naturally was back then.

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On 7/15/2019 at 6:06 PM, pseudografx said:

Yay, Junost 402B, if I am not mistaken :D I used to have that crappy TV with my Atari too. Incompatible with PAL so no sound with picture, and the screen did not have black. Just light gray and lighter gray.

Yes, and it had no video-in either. ..just RF.

Farkas / HARD created a video-in on it for me so that I could see what I was doing :)

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On 10/15/2019 at 8:51 PM, andymanone said:

Great picture gallery here ?!!!

So I just only found this picture here from 1987....

My father and me....

Very proud with my brandnew 130XE, XF551 & XC12 ?





Not really a major update, but I found another picture of the same time.

The funny fact is, that you can see next to me, on the right side, my sweet niece...
Now she´s married, and had two beautiful kids ?...


Damn, how quickly time flies........ ?





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19 minutes ago, gozar said:

Jean-Ralphio, is that you?


The young man on the left side, gosh, thats my father ?, and the boy in the middle , thats me ?...


EDIT: But now, if I take a closer look, damn, yeah it´s me ?!!

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This is me with my older brother in 1985/86 playing the atari in Ottobrunn south of Munich.


On the picture is my cousin atari 800 XL (I'm French and owned an atari 800XL too). His father used to live in Ottobrun back in the days.


His neighbor, Mattias, was our game provider (yes, pirated games...). We used to store them in a shoe box.


Everything is still in my possession !


Mattias, are you reading this ? :)


It seems my brother is playing Jungle Hunt.


This atari still exist and is going to be revived soon since I just received a sophia rev C board and a SDrive-max ! even the joysticks on the picture are alive and will be played again.






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My Atari 400, 410 cassette, Intellivision, ColecoVision and Wico joystick.  I believe this is 1983.




My Atari 800, 810 Floppy Drive, 410 Cassette, Commodore Amiga and Okidata Okimate 20 color thermal printer. The amazing thing is I remember that I paid $499 for that 810 Floppy Drive. This pic is from 1986.

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On 7/29/2019 at 11:01 AM, pseudografx said:

I found it! In the picture, you can see my 800XE (which I still have) and an XC12 on top of a stereo casette player, which provided sound output for my Atari since my B&W TV used SECAM video system (which did not deliver sound on the same frequency as image). I am not sure about exact dating, but it could have been some time around 1992-3.



at first I was like "What the hell was an 800XE...that doesn't exist!"  I only new of the 65XE, 130XE, etc...but I found out the 65XE was marketed as 800XE in some European countries.  Cool. 

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