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Authentic printed boxes for Songbird Lynx games


Authentic printed boxes for Songbird Lynx games  

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  1. 1. Assuming $10 each or $75 for 9, what is your interest in printed boxes for Songbird Lynx games?

    • I would totally buy the 9-pack at the discounted price. Go team!
    • I would buy 4+ individual boxes.
    • I would buy 1-3 individual boxes.
    • Thanks anyway, but jewel cases are good enough for me.

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One request I have received numerous times over the years is to include professionally printed boxes with Songbird Lynx games. At long last, I am getting some box mockups made of all 9 of my Lynx games published over the past 20 years. Here is a sample for your viewing pleasure:




All the boxes will get a face-lift featuring an all-new layout, with most receiving new cover artwork as well. I'll keep posting additional mockups in the near future. Each box will also include the pop-up insert to hold the manual and Lynx cart.


Plus, check out the snazzy new Songbird logo which you will see in Songbird games going forward:


Special thanks to my brother Eric who has done an incredible job with the box layouts and Songbird logo refresh!


I'm still working out quotes, but I anticipate boxes will be $10 each, or $75 for the 9-pack. This is assuming I can get at least 100 fans interested in the 9-pack. Please respond on the poll and post comments here to let me know your interest. Thanks!



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I would absolutely love to have boxes for your games. I've made my own for a few of them, but I would much rather have something "official." I voted for the nine-pack. If that wasn't an option I would buy the ones I need (eight of them, I think) individually.

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Is it possible to lower the price (and overseas shipping costs) to sell the boxes as flat sheets, to fold/put together yourself?


Paper documents are exempt from import taxes...


Other than that... About time you did this, I'm so not fond of the jewel case solution...

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The boxes will all definitely be pre-cut, folded, and glued, but shipped flat. I expect to offer discounted international shipping for the boxes, but it will be at least $27 as that's the cheapest option possible with the US Post Office to most worldwide destinations.


Note that the bundle discount and individual box-only options will only be available to people who pre-order once the offers go live on my website. After that, boxes will be included with the Lynx carts but not sold separately.


Naturally, this all hinges on justifying the print run in the first place, so time to spread the word. :)

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I like this new design, there is no real reason to stay with the classic format of official ATARI games.


One day the homebrew carts released could be more than the official games of the golden age, and a littl bit of colour on the shelves will be nice.

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Modern design. Has there been boxes without the patterned "LYNX" grey sides before?


Yep, a few - Joust, QIX, Robotron, Battlewheels, Desert Strike, Double Dragon. Also Rygar had the grey stripe but it didn't use the usual font for the wording.



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