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2024 FS: $400 Blue Thunder sealed Action Max rare bundle

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29 minutes ago, gamecomposer said:

Which CDi longboxes do you need? I have some dupes I think, although not many exciting ones haha.

PM sent, which is a weird thing to say in my own sales thread, lol.


I'm not actually entirely certain, since the online lists seem to be somewhat incomplete. I have a few that aren't on any, while others don't seem to have been released in the format as some lists claim.

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2024 Update:


Up for trade or for sale is a boxed Action Max system- the rare final release that had Blue Thunder as the pack-in. Besides it having been a late release, Blue Thunder is also rare because it was set aside to be bundled with the system, but poor sales killed the system before very many of these were sold. I'd heard about these rare variant releases for a long time before finally obtaining one. Apart from a unique sticker on the front of the box and the included (sealed!) copy of Blue Thunder, there's nothing else really special about this system. All of the other included materials are the same as what you'd find in any other unused Action Max.


In terms of condition, the Blue Thunder is brand new, sealed, and fully intact. The insides of the system are seemingly unused. The box itself is a bit rough in spots, as shown in the images, and has a price tag in one corner. Given how rare this is (I know of no other examples) and how high sealed game prices have gotten, the price for this set is $400 plus shipping within the US only. Still available as of January 2024.












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Price adjusted.
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3 hours ago, Shawn said:

How much are you asking for the Action Max?

I'm not sure what to ask, as this is variant so unique as to have no price history. Plus, the Blue Thunder copy is still sealed, and I haven't ever seen that title come up for sale unopened. I'm taking offers, but nobody has made any yet. I'm willing to sell for a good offer, though I'd prefer to trade.

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