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HRD 4000B


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1 hour ago, apersson850 said:

That I could very much believe in. Do you want me to look up the small DSR I wrote, that is compatible with the p-system? Or some verbal description? Both, maybe?


Here's a link to a post where I described what the issue is.

Ah, right under my nose, so to speak.  I will post a response in the development topic. I found my notes and what might be as solution for the PCODE system, provided my assumptions are correct. 

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Updated Horizon Ramdisk User Manual, with a copy uploaded to Github. 


The next ROS and/or CFG release will be version 8.43, to address a few of the logged issues since 8.42c. 


And to loosely paraphrase Scotty, there will be "no bloody a,b,c or d" nor other letters of the alphabet added to future version numbers.




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The voltage requirements for the charging circuit are the same, so they shouldn't cause you any issues.

9 hours ago, NewcomerTI said:

This may have been asked but can I use AAA NiMH batteries in place of NiCAD ones on the board?


I’m not quite there yet but wanted to get anyone’s take on their use in this application.


thank you in advance 


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On 6/10/2020 at 8:45 PM, Ksarul said:

I'm attaching the final version (along with the schematics) here. Hopefully that helps you and others building their own boards.

HRD 4000B Construction Guide (Final-2).pdf 4.53 MB · 108 downloads A3-Horizon 4000B RAMDisk Schematics (Final-1).pdf 300.3 kB · 101 downloads

I added these two documents to Github and updated the wiki links.  


I will upload previous guides and manuals that I have collected. I'll post another reply when that happens, and if someone has additional files or better copies of the same file(s), I would be more than happy to add/replace. 

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I've been asked about the Scotty reference; here is the relevant clip from Star Trek The Next Generation episode Relics.  I have fond memories of meeting Mr. Doohan at a Gencon convention in Milwaukee, where he stayed 45+ minutes after closing to see all of us who were still waiting in line to meet him.  I have the card and photo he signed that day. Such a gracious person. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Now I smoke tested my bare board when said to in the construction manual and I didn’t let any smoke out of the PEB or the card - so I started populating the chips and getting ready to run the MEMTEST.  

I saw the MEMTEST folder on the ftp site and downloaded it.

I need some instruction on what file to run - perhaps a step by step since I’m somewhat of newbie at this sort of thing. Run on EA5 ??? RTEA_HRX I’m assuming. I tried and it errored - perhaps I don’t have the needed file yet.  Help is needed and appreciated!

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