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NEW game: Assembloids


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Our 30 years Atari Lynx compo entry is public now:

you can grab it here at atarigamer.com or even play it in your webbrowser there:

Assembloids Atari Lynx by PriorArt 2019


Assembloids is a fast-paced action puzzler in arcade style.
We find that one of the strengths of the Lynx are quick, mobile games without much overhead and something
that you could pass around to friends&family to compete :)

Assembloids online HIGHscores

This is also why we added a rather relaxed difficulty mode (1) and a much faster mode (3) for shorter games.
The basic concept of such an puzzler was originally developed by Photonstorm for the flash game 'Quartet'.
We have the official ok to spread the love to the Atari Lynx and finally render it a mobile experience :)
Graphics and dimensions are designed to make the game playable on real hardware, including original LCDs
as well as smartphone emulators.


After Splash screen, logo and Title you enter the MENU.
PRESS BUTTON to START GAME right away (difficulty 2 is DEFAULT!).

Select difficulty level 1-3 (1: kids!, 3: very challenging) with left/right
Select the helpscreen with 'up' and a credits scene with 'down' and press button.
Flip pages in credit screen with button or keypad.


Place the central piece of an animal face into one of the four adjacent windows
by pressing into the proper direction. The LEDs indicate the time that is left.
The speed will increase with placed tiles. After a lost life, the game will slow down notably again.
Try to get as many points as you can.
The more complete a face is (i.e. mostly or only parts of the same animal) the more points you score.
The BONUS in the lower right indicates the multiplier.
If you are too slow and time runs out or you place a tile into an already occupied slot, you lose a life.
The game ends when you lost all lives.
You will then see a 5 digit CODE in the lower right which contains the current HIGHSCORE and LEVEL you played in.
Please report that code + score to assembloids@enthusi.de
We keep an online highscore chart!
When you manage to CLEAR the whole BOARD you get a whopping 500 points and an extra life!
You can use OPTION 2 to reset the game during play.
OPTION 1 will toggle the in-music between 100%, 50%, 0% volume.

Use any button to skip splash, logo, or title screen
OPTION 1 will set the music volume (in menu and game)
OPTION 2 will reset to title during game play
KEY PAD to place center pieces into the four windows

I hope you have as much fun playing this game as we had developing it :)


PriorArt Games
Programming   - Martin 'enthusi' Wendt
Graphics      - Oliver 'v3to' Lindau
Musik & Sound - Kamil 'Jammer' Wolnikowski
(some graphics are considered non-finished and will receive a final polish after compo)


- Fully written in Assembler language, no external tools/libraries
- CONTINOUS 3 Channel music, 1 channel for SFX samples, own music engine
- Fast loader (own loader)
- Lynxsplash image with 182 unique colors (world's first full RGB without flicker)
- hidden image with more than 256 colors :)
- Title tune and in-game musik during gameplay as well as game-over jingle
- 128 KB cartrige
- Encrypted HIGHSCORE code
- There will always be a suitable piece
- The engine prevents you from getting a cleared board early on by try-and-error!


For those that read all of this, there is a hidden easter egg ;-)

Press Option2 during bootup (before the Lynx shows up) for about 3 seconds, then release.

You well get the most colorful image on the Lynx ever :)









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40 minutes ago, enthusi said:

A general statement: you may want to toggle the music volume to 50% in the menu (or in game) via Option1 to get to hear the sound fx better!

I assume that you use the pan-register for vol control. (Works on Lynx II only)

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12 minutes ago, enthusi said:

Who is 'Miker' ?

Miker is our musician who was talking with Jammer about your player when weren't sure how to play music in Lynx Quest. We've ended up with Chipper exporting to TailChao's HandyMusic driver but it's not perfect solution.

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Ah, yes, Jammer mentioned that conversation (but not the name, or I forgot, sorry). Great work you did there ;-)

Yeah, I found Chipper too big and not as flexible as I wanted and since I started from scratch with my own framework I wanted an own music environment as well.

Also Jammer refused to even touch Chipper for a production :)

I describe some/all specs of the driver/data in the Programming thread:


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