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Updates for the BBS List.


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So some feature updates.....


1)  You can now update your own BBS status.  You can set the ONLINE, UNKNOWN, DOWN, and OFFLINE status yourself.  Just PM me and I'll give you the ID/Verification code (well, actually complete URL) so that you can do this.


2)  This paves the way for an automated updating of BBS Status.  Working with John Polka on that for the A8 Express crowd.  Hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend for the ST crowd.


3)  The "Tomorrow" feature from .... awhile back.  The ability to create BBS lists on the fly by sending template files customized to your BBS.  It's good to go, I just need to write up documentation on how you can make the template file.  You'll get this before the weekend since we seem to be on a very major downtime at work and they don't care what I work on as long as I don't bother them asking if they have anything for me to do..........


Coming next/soon... The ability for a SysOp to update their entire listing..... (Including whether the port should be treated as Raw, Telnet or SSH).  The ability for a SysOp to add a "note" to their BBS listing.... and the ability to add "news items".


Really hoping that people find these useful and that it may help promote the BBS community.... but if you have better ideas, I'd love to hear them.


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