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might have found an unreleased prototype of moonsweeper for vic 20


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My friend worked for Imagic in the early 80's. He was getting rid of some old belongings and showed me an untitled vic 20 prototype cart. He said he worked on moonsweeper for the commodore, I always figure c64, but this is obviously a vic-20 cart. I wish I could get access to a vic 20 and see if its actually moonsweeper.     Anyone know a good place in SF Bay Area to test old cartridges?




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Who was your friend?  Did he work on any other games?

Nice find.  I suspect this is probably very similar to the 2600 version but hopefully you can get your hands on a VIC so we can see for sure.  In the meantime, be careful with that exposed EPROM window and don't expose it to any UV light.  I also would suggest removing it from the socket and dumping the contents to create a backup sooner rather than later.  This is probably the only known copy of the game at this point, so it'd be a shame if it were lost.

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