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Robot City reloaded

Thomas Jentzsch

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Since the game is still WIP, I decided that it is better to continue here.


Below you find the latest versions:











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18 hours ago, MemberAtarian said:

This is what I call creativity and you need much of it of you want to do a joyful 4k game.
I don't know how you came up with the idea and how you stuffed the CPUs decisions into that space, but, damn, impressive.

Thanks. The idea is from a prototype for the Odyssey 2:



I changed the game speed to have a bit more action. But the basic idea is identical.

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Another day, another update.



  • tank AI now depends on game selected (less targeted at player in lower games)
  • speed increases with each cleared sector (we have a game now)
  • a 2nd player can control the tanks and overrule their AI (this might be fun, not sure)
  • some fixes

As always, any feedback is welcome. Especially game balance and difficulty (ramp up) are interesting.


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Over the last days, I completed the game. So this is RC 1 (ROM added to 1st post).



  • more sounds added
  • scores depend on game played
  • high scores (no high score if 2nd player controlled the tanks)
  • the cart version will support the SaveKey too
  • tanks which cannot be revived show as shields only
  • PAL 60 version
  • polishing, optimizing and bug fixes

I hope some of you find the time, play test the game and help me finding any hidden bugs.



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55 minutes ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

tanks which cannot revived show as shields only

Bumping into those shields still kills you, though. That's probably as intended, but I guessed incorrectly that they were harmless since they were inert.


The game is looking and sounding great!

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RC 2 is out (see first post). Changes:

  • tanks turn at half speed now 
  • pause key (right difficulty = A) added
  • missing game over tune in PAL-60 mode enabled
  • fixed a bug which affected tank missiles on real hardware only (and filed a bug for Stella :)

I really would like to have some more feedback about the game and how it plays for you. E.g.

  • are the difficulties of the 5 variations OK?
  • is the difficulty ramp up good?
  • are the controls exact and responsive?
  • are the colors looking good on real hardware?
  • anything else you want to mention...
  • last not least: how far can you get e.g. in variation 3?
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