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HSC16 Round 20 - Poll


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  1. 1. Play on Atari

    • Block on Legs: First Steps
    • The Last v8 (Enhanced Version)
    • Moon Patrol Redux

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Round 20 will be a catch-up for the season plus one of the selections below.  I was going to poll Jet Set Willy 2019 but we'll wait for the final and NTSC version which Tezz is working on. No you don't have to vote for my game, i'm not!!


Block on legs: First Steps


superb horizontal scrolling platformer, one of the best, it's really great, a masterpiece of moden classic gaming... hang on a minute isn't that my game :P

The Last V8 Extended Version


probably still very annoying but they've updated the sucker!


Moon Patrol Redux

it's Moon Patrol but not as we know it!


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1 hour ago, therealbountybob said:

How near is that to being released and will it have any gameplay changes?

now I have a dielmma!

very VERY close to release now !

and I'd say yes, it will have "small" changes to the gameplay (in a good way)

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5 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

How near is that to being released and will it have any gameplay changes?

now I have a dielmma!

If I may offer up a suggestion...Thanksgiving is coming up here in the US, so I was thinking something turkey related...but I don't see any turkey-themed games.  So, then I looked for anything food-related and came up with:



Food fight.png



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12 hours ago, McKong said:

It feels like we only just played Moon Patrol recently 

September 2016 apparently, so just over three years ago. But if a final version of the improved game is to be released soon, we can as well wait for it.


How about Block on Legs, Food Fight (played in 2015) + catching up on old games?

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1 hour ago, carlsson said:

Someone can type in Turkey Chase, listed as MIA on Atarimania.



I figured I'd go ahead and type in Turkey Chase, but I can't even get the first line in.  It gives me an error...I think the first line is too long.  Even if I were able to type it in, I wouldn't know how to save it for everyone else to play.  I'm SOOO out of practice.

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OK well start the next round tomorrow night (Monday) we could just have a 1 week catch-up with no other game - anyone else any thoughts - despite it's 7 votes  well dealy Moon Patrol until the final version is ready. Looks like thanksgiving is the 28th (in the USA!) so we could do a food round for round 21? Could do a multi-game round Food Fight and Burger Time?


Get typing Deteacher!

Load a read write DOS 2.5 disk (set r/w in disk options on emulator)

Line 10 is not too long, basic will wrap around the screen, 3 lines on screen = 1 real line so keep typing and press return at the end.

To Save


To Load


do a quick save after the first line, then do NEW and re-load it after re-starting the emulator to check you have it!

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POKE 82,0

and press return.

This will remove the left margin = 6 more characters.

You would hope magazine listings would be in the same 40 char line format as they would be on the computer! Yes carlsson's tip just create line 11 and add some of the DIMs there - get it in and be sure to save it before running it. We can debug it here if needed!


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12 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

POKE 82,0

Heh. The magazine had a correction three issues later (#42):



Corrections to Previous Months' Programs


Turkey Chase (November 1986, page 78)

Atari 400/800, 600/800XL, & 130XE:

When you power up the computer, the built-in screen editor allows only 114 characters per program line. If your Atari 8-bit computer didn't allow you to type in all of line 10, you can solve the problem by breaking it into two lines, like so:

10 DIM RG(5),DR<8,2),T(8),BK$(1),DK$(8),DL$(1),DR$(1)
15 DIM DW$(1),K$<1),LT$(1),RT$(1),SP$(1),TAB$(40),UL$(1),UP$(1),UR$(1)

Alternatively, entering POKE 82,0 will reset the line-length limit on these computers to 120.



Thus there were more than one Atari user who stumbled upon the same problem with too long lines. After playing it briefly, I think it is more of a tongue in cheek than HSC material obviously, but it is nice to see a game that doesn't look superior on the C64.

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12 minutes ago, carlsson said:

So in practise if Moon Patrol Redux is complete by December 1, we'll play it fresh from the grill, otherwise we'll endure Block on Legs? :)

I like this so we are playing the game that has 0 votes, then the one that was soundly beaten, then the winner if it's ready :D


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Last year we had multiple choice voting which sometimes turned into anti-voting for the least favorite game to play. This year we had single choice voting but sometimes the winning choice is not suitable for play. Perhaps next season we should have strict anti-voting so the game with least votes is the winner. :D

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