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Problem with my Jaguar CD


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Hello everyone :)


I need some help, I just bought a Jaguar CD and he has a problem, the top loader closes badly. We can see that on the picture and "of course" the button Close here is useless.




I think this piece is broken, someone can confirm this information ? It's hard to find on the internet :(




Thank you for your help, it's not easy to find information for the Jaguar CD of French Website


Good game !



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I just had a look at mine and as far as I can tell it looks OK, it is part of the open button, with the lid open when you press the button it should move to towards the outside of the case (as it should when closing the lid). When the button is released as spring pulls it back toward the centre of the unit. Is it doing that? 

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Thank you for your answer. Yes when i push the button "Close" the little part of the second picture moving back, but it's like this part isn't "strong" for hold back the lid.


On this picture we can imagine there was a hook on the little part no ?



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I had another look and the little latch piece that move when you press the open appears to have a slightly rounded top with a recess below, a bit like the letter P.

This would make sense as when pushing the lid closed the curved top will allow the latch to be pushed back and then the spring puss it forward into the hole on the square catch section of the lid you highlighted in your previous post.


Can you actually push the lid full closed without forcing it?

If so does it then spring back up when you remove you hand?


If the answer to both is yes, then it is possible that either the flat underside of the latch piece has worn and become rounded allowing lid to push back past it into the open position or maybe the return spring that should keep the latch piece in the closed position (as when the open button is unpressed) has somehow lost tension and is being overpowered by the lid spring needs and so needs to be replaced stronger spring. 


I don't think there is anything more in regards to the physical nature of the relevant parts that I can see to look for or anything else I can think of that may be causing the problem other than something physically stopping you from putting the lid into the closed position.  

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