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Hyperkin Atari 2600 Ranger Controller

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On 9/14/2022 at 2:52 PM, Krathoon said:

Yeah. It does not work on the Flashback X. I don't see why not if it is supposed to be wired like a regular Atari controller.

So here is why it doesn’t work on the atari flashbacks. The controllers are built into the atgames flashbacks. The joysticks and analog sticks (paddles) are just add-ons to the controllers. In modern controllers all buttons produce 3.3v that gets shorted to ground. No different in this case. So pin 9 and pin 5 also produce 3.3v. So you cant just short 3.3v to 3.3v. So pin 7 (normally 5v) is actually a second ground. So to actually make this controller work you would need 4 diodes and a little wire rearrangement inside the controller to steal 3.3v from pin 5 or 7 when in joystick mode and steal 3.3v from pin 1, 2 or 6 when in paddle mode. So in this same respect, og atari rapid fire joysticks cant cant produce rapid fire on an atari fb 3-X either without modification.

And how i first came to the conclusion before testing to prove i was right, i made joysticks that allowed 2 buttons and an adapter cable that stole joystick 2 fire and went to pin 9 on my controllers, without the adapter cable if i pressed fire button 2 on my joystick which is on pin 9 it shorted out to ground and it pops up the warning about using paddles. After that a multimeter confirmed pins 7 and 8 are both grounds. 

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