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Couple new items from Sean Kelly


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Heads up for the non fakebook crowd. Came across these during an ebay search yeasterday and was able to run over to his store today and grab these from him.


The tour de france package is fantastic, top notch overlay.

The multicart overlay is also top notch stuff.


Sean on ebay:  https://www.ebay.com/sch/skelly-etc/m.html?item=233457067209&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562



good day.



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Screw Sean Kelly.  I paid like $100 for the multi-cart, then I paid a bunch more money to have more space put in it for future upgrades and now he wants you to buy a whole new multi-cart.  He will not fill the cart he asked to be paid to put more space in!


He'll never get another nickel out of me!

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On 4/25/2020 at 2:24 AM, Richard H. said:

A multicart with a fixed number of games on is pretty much out of date as soon as you buy it.

He offered an "upgrade" to the original cart (I was absolutely happy with it) for like $75 that added a few more games and added additional ROM space to be used for future upgrades.  Had he said, "you can pay me to upgrade your cart with x new games for y money" that would have been perfectly acceptable to me.  It was the "hey, I'm going to periodically update the cart either for free or a minor fee" that pisses me off.  He didn't say hey, you have to pay for a whole new cartridge. The offer of a future update was just a lie or something he decided against doing after the fact (after he got all the money from people).


WHAT was the point of the excess rom space that shows up in the menu as a blank spot?

As far as I know, the new cart is identical to the original cart I bought after it was upgraded.  He has just filled those "holes" in the eprom.  This is underhanded and sneaky.

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