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Ralf Kornmann's Vectrex Emulator


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Over in the Facebook forum Vectrex fans unite!, a poster named Ralf Kornmann has been posting links to alpha releases of a new Vectrex emulator, so far called just Vectrex Emulator Version 0.2.1 Alpha (Windows; DirectX 11).


This is really a great emulator so far. The graphics look great and the sound is really good. 


I'm not sure if it would be cool to post a direct link to the Google drive download, so I recommend folks go check it out.

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BTW, unlike most (all?) other Vectrex emulators, this one does a decent job with Clean Sweep.

Not to speak ill of the "dead" - only ParaJVE and the original Vecx do not display Clean Sweep Ok.


    DVE, Vectrexy, Vide, Mess


All make pretty good attempts to display CleanSweep right!



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Over on Facebook Ralf Kornmann gave me permission to share the link to the Early Alpha version of his Vectrex Emulator software here.


Vectrex Emulator for Windows & DirectX 11 ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/15-_Ch8ME0-XE9Al3sy6ocAuWx8afvZ-V/view )


Check the link fairly often.  So far, the announcements of updates are posted in the Vectrex fans unite! Facebook group.  The link to the updates has stayed the same.

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19 hours ago, taufan99 said:

This emulator has potential! Hopefully there will be newer updates.

I hope so to.  I think that compared to other Vectrex emulators, the screen appearance is very realistic.  The sound quality is also excellent.

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