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HSC17 Round 3 Poll

Multi Pick Poll - see post below for info  

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  1. 1. Multi Pick Poll - see post below for info

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Time for the *third* poll of Season 17 already!


Another selection of games that should do for a single round on their own. Remember to check all the ones you like before clicking the vote button!


Round 2 Donkey Kong is still open for another week, if you miss it post a late score and join in on the current round. Still time to post a late score for round 1 Joust too. Add your favourites to the Season 17 Welcome and Games Suggestions thread.


Multi-pick polls this season so vote for as many or as few as you wish, the winning game will be played and the runner up(s) are re-polled next time. Poll ends Sunday 16th Feb


Atarimania has info on the games, I've posted links to Fandal's site below but Atarionline.pl usually has several versions of each game or try the excellent Homesoft site.


Please join in and post or message me if you need any help at all




Slx's version with new levels, would be played for progress as scoring is flawed due to respawning.

Download XEX



Now we have a bug fixed XEX version thanks to Wilheim :thumbsup:

Download XEX / Download+Info on atariage thread


Blue Max 2001

3rd Runner up from R2 Poll - Highly underrated but a very good sequel to Blue Max

Download XEX


Congo Bongo

frogger kong 3d falling off

Download XEX


Super PacMan
Like Block on Legs he can change size when he eats a pill, wish I'd thought of that :o

Download XEX (PAL fixed)


Runner up from R2 Poll - One of the best games from modern times. Bounce down the 3d tunnels and don't fall off!

Download XEX


Mr DO!

2nd Runner up in the R2 Poll - Another 10/10 er, you still know what to Mr. Do!

Download XEX


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Great picks. I remember we played Mr. Do a few years ago. I never played it before HSC and due to HSC I really started to LOVE this game. It is actually one of my most favorite games. 


I also picked Blue Max 2001. I remember this one from my youth. I actually loved the pretty 'sad' tune. It's beautiful. 

I am not so good at BM2001. So perhaps this HSC can help me getting better in it. 

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Hoping for Gyruss.  Loved that one since I was, oh, 3 or 4.  Never been so good at it, but hopefully I can do better at that than I have the last two rounds.  I voted for Congo Bongo also, though I suspect that one can be played indefinitely, and it also kinda' sucks.  Just a sucker for it I guess.  Fingers crossed Shamus stays in the bull pen.  I like the game, but I also don't really get it, and it takes a loooooong time to get anywhere if you're not an experienced player (or maybe even if you are).  Am I the only one who prefers Panther to the BM games?

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