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HSC Season 17 Welcome and Games Suggestions

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Welcome everyone to Season 17 of the Atari 8-bit High Score Club


The first poll is already live - it's multi-pick polls this season so vote for any games you like or even all of them!


The action will start on Saturday 18th Jan!


I've said it all before but please join in, it's great fun, you don't have to be a good player it's all about exploring the games whether you have the odd go or battle it out against the top players. We have a handful of regulars who are not allowed to leave but we need a few more of you for our quest this season.


#1 Rule is to have fun


Any questions just post here or send me a message.


The Beginners Guide has nuggets of wisdom too.


If you're reading this in the future then just join in on the current round, there are occasional cartch-up rounds too.


Typically we play a main game and a related bonus game over a 2 week period, with the occasional extended 3 week tournament to keep things interesting. The season runs Jan-Jan and is around 20-24 rounds.


So service those joysticks and fire up those Ataris (or emulators!)


Best Wishes to you all for 2020


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Hopefully this year I will score my first won round... though realistically that won't happen.


My suggestions for the year, curated from my previous list:


Trailblazer (w/ possible bonus game "Let's Hop")
Mad Stone
Operation Blood
James Bond 007
Death Race
The Great American Cross-Country Road Race
Bruce Lee
Blue Max

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Blok on Legs

Rally Speedway 2020

The Great American Cross Country Road Race

Boulder Dash


Blue Max

Montezuma's Revenge


The Pharaoh's Curse


Los Angeles SWAT


Jungle Hunt


Keystone Kapers



Rescue on Fractalus

Mercenary Targ (There must be a way to pointalize)

Caverns of Mars




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Koronis Rift

Laser Gates

MIrax Force

Mr Dig



Realm of Impossilbilty




Stellar Shuttle




BS Quest for TYres

Captain Beeble

Crystal Raider







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Henry's House

Manic Miner (maybe a homebrew Spectrum port round Skool Daze, The Great Escape?)

Super Pac-Man

Jet Set Willy 2019

Bruce Lee 2 (Here's hoping it gets released this year!)

Wonder Boy (Maybe for season 18!)

Time slip

Great Escape

Skool Daze


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I'm trying to think of games I played as a kid that would work in a high score scenario. I saw a few people mention Bruce Lee which I love (can't wait for Bruce Lee 2), but I'm thinking games like that wouldn't work, you could just point press to get the score up as high as you like


Anyway, here's my list of 10(ish)


Kik-Start - we could play all 9 courses (in groups of 3) and add up the total time, I think that would work


BMX Simulator






Crystal Raider




Boulderdash 1 or 2, Rockford


Pole Position


Mr Do!


Dig Dug





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6 hours ago, carlsson said:

Sometimes we play for progress rather than score, for such games where you otherwise could stall and grab easy points. Some of the games may not even have a score per se, which leaves progress as the indicator.

Ah yes, I'd be on board for that, sorry I'm a newbie, cheers for that ?


In that case, I'd be all for Bruce Lee (1 and 2), though I've enough on my list


I've little knowledge of the new games, other than what I've played here, so I've stuck with the oldies for my suggestions, but I'm all for the new stuff too!

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I see RedThuinder has gone crazy :-o , good job there's no 10 game limit this time!


It will be great if you play DOPE, I'm just off to the bookies to place my bet on the new champ :ahoy:


Everyone - I've just posted a survey and round up players post on the main forum.


better start on my list:


Whilstler's Brother

that'll do for now!

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On 1/10/2020 at 1:31 PM, therealbountybob said:


better start on my list:



Whilstler's Brother

that'll do for now!

Some more from me though I really like deteacher's list  :thumbsup:


Congo Bongo

Lost Tomb

King Tut


Blue Max 2001

Wouldn't mind another crack at the Fanda platformers Beer Belly Burt etc


Axis Assasin and Genesis - did we ever play that :ponder:

HiJack (E.S.C.) (PAL)

Zone X (PAL)

Juno First


Mr Do!





River Rat

Zaxxon/Super Zaxxon


Crystal Raider

The Tail of Beta Lyrae

Up 'N' Down


Wing Wars?

Atartris II



Boulderdash II

Dawn Raider





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OK, after the pleading in the general 8-bit forum by @therealbountybob , I've decided to give the HSC another try. I think I played one game in the HSC a couple years back then something happened and I dropped out. I'll try and stick with it this time. I know there are probably many in my list that have already been done, I'll go read the rules/beginner's guide after I post.


Blue Max

Blue Max 2k1

Fort Apocalypse

New Moon Patrol Arcade hack

Wilmunder Star Raiders 2

Rescue On Fractalus

The Eidelon

Beach-Head 1 & 2

Dimension X

Time Slip


New Games


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Welcome! Many commented there are too many games and too short rounds. TRBB will have to decide if we should run each round a little longer and has already promised to lay low on the multi game rounds for a while. Perhaps my suggestion of interleaved rounds that last 4 weeks each but a new round starts 2 weeks after the current one isn't too bad. It would give in average 2 active main games and each game can be competed for the entire 4 weeks.

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