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I would like to suggest a new feature but I am not sure 1) if it is useful for anyone else and 2) how it could appear in the User Interface so I ask.


There are some ATR/ATX files that I use heavily and some others that I load occasionally.

The heavily used ATR/ATX can be Translator, a DOS, a Sector Copier or whatever.

The use case is often to boot on one of these ATR/ATX in D1: and then swap to another ATR.

For example, I load TRANSLATOR.ATR then I switch to another ATR to load a game which requires the 800 OS.

Or I want to copy a real disk to an ATR or an ATR to a real disk so I load the sector copier in D1: but immediately I switch to the ATR file to copy.


The way I do it right now is that I map all these ATR on empty drives (for example D5:, D6:, D7:) and I use the swap feature to map them to D1: and then swap them again to their original location.

But it means that RespeQt is cluttered with many disks that are there to avoid searching in the folders to load them.

It's something like a Sticky option...

But maybe I am the only one to do that.


So I have the idea of some kind of favorite disks or tool disks that can be selected in D1: with a single click and, very important, removed to restore the previous ATR in the slot.

This way, you select MYGAME.ATR file to copy but with a single click, it is replaced by your favorite COPIER.ATR to load the copy program, and with another click, it disappears and MYGAME.ATR comes back in D1:.

We should be able to register several ATR files somewhere (in the configuration?) and these ATR could be "called" and "discarded" from D1: very easily (maybe more than one click!)


With this use case in mind, the favorite disks are always used in D1:


What do you think about the idea?

And what User Interface do you suggest for that?

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