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Boulderdash II

It's been a long time since we ran away from giant boulders but returning to HSC action is Boulderdash II  (The 25th Anniversary ver has the same gameplay). This should be a welcome break from the intensity of Bosconian!




Special rules / scoring
As extra men are awarded so often and scoring is duplicated by re-playing levels after losing a man we'll play for levels completed.  No deliberately farming extra men!


If you've ever beaten all the screens on the first skill level of this or the original Boulderdash then play from cave A-1 each time. Top players: former champs, etc no practising any screens!


Otherwise you may chose to start on any of the "start caves" A E I M and on any of the 5 skill levels and keep track of which screens you beat. Use joystick U/D=cave L/R=level fire=Start. So post caves you have completed A1,B1,C1 A2 A3, E1,F1, I1,J1, M1, M3 etc.


There will be two tables and scoring will be made up as we go :ponder: The HSC record is held by the mighty Scalak who complete A1-G4


Download 25th Anniversary Edition or Original BD II XEXs

Atarimania Instructions

Many tips on posts in this thead - post if you get stuck in a cave!


[Esc]=abort Rockford, shame on you as you should always do the "honorable thing"

Emulator users try full screen mode (alt-enter)


Round closes Sunday 29th March 10am UK time


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Not my favourite game, I really don't like the delayed clunky movement. You're never too sure whether he's going to move enough or too much when you move the joystick


A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, A2, B2, A3, B3, A4, B4, C4, A5 complete

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22 minutes ago, McKong said:

Not my favourite game, I really don't like the delayed clunky movement. You're never too sure whether he's going to move enough or too much when you move the joystick


A1, A2 complete

If your playing on Altirrra,  I find the keyboard more forgiving that the Wico I use.


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A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1,H1,I1, J1, K1, L1, M1, N1, O1, P1

A2, B2, C2

A3, B3


All Bonus Life Rounds (Failed)


Stone Fire (Its no Boulderdash but quite nice)

Level 11


I would like to see a Boulderdash game as one screen but each Boulder 1 pixel or mayby 4 in square. Mayby a game for the future.

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13 hours ago, carlsson said:

Same here. I like Boulder Dash as a concept, but not that much as a game. Hopefully all of those who voted for it will post a score, for sure I didn't vote on it.


I just finished cave A/1, will need to read instructions how to do B/1.

Hint: Trap the green slime

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9 hours ago, carlsson said:

Yes, I found the instructions that describe each level.


I've replaced the atarimania link on the 1st post, thanks carlsson :thumbsup: Yes this describes how to do each level for anyone stuck.


Not everyone's cup of tea but a very good game nonetheless; pickiing up 13 votes from a possible 22 it's just how things go here, I'm often surprised by the picks but I still enjoy all the games :lust:


The (mostly tough) extra life bonus (single) screens can be counted as beaten for those playing on the various entry points. They give you an extra life to start with and it's up to you too keep it! Once players master a screen it's usually fairly similar on the 5 skill levels so you should bag those.


The only downside is once you get good at BD it takes a long time to play through :-o

Had a few wobbles and need to figure out some screens for a better way of doing them (willl check those instructions). Went from A-1 to C-4 (completed B4) before fatigue plus the speedier movement of level 4 got to me! Final score 39,960. Am going to try and complete the game during this HSC round and to find out it ends after level 5 (don't tell me).


Tips Learn to use the grab folks, hold in fire and push the stick. Also use the grab to stop you running on when the screen is scrolling. The grab-push is also useful, you can push a boulder but stay still. Sometimes better to go for it than little stop starts, try and end with a sideways movement! Greed is good and it's fun exploring the screens e.g. going into the silos on level 2, usually extra men compensate the risks!


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It should be noted that last time Boulder Dash II was played (June 2012), it was part of a huge multi game round. Based on the final results, it seems 15 people tried to play it, of which 4 didn't even finish the first cave, another 4 managed to clear up to the first five caves, another 5 cleared 9-19 caves and then the top two in form of trbb and Scalak which were far beyond everyone battling for the title.

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Wow, that is hard. Still working on A/1. Managed to get the wall flashing and dropped a lot of rocks on it, collected all the jewels but found no way to exit the level. What am I missing? I remember playing quite a lot of Boulder Dash back in the 80s but that must have been the first version as I didn't remember it to be that hard.

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The exit square flashes when you have the required number of diamonds ("bang-flash"), on A1 it's not where you came in! Unlike the construction set levels it is always visible, though sometimes you can destroy it! Enjoy everyone, you have two weeks, once you get used to the controls/speed it's a fun game, some levels are really quick others are fun to explore, on the odd arduous one try different routes. Practise ringing the fireflies and butterflies by cutting a circle around them.



I've updated the Season 17 Current Standings with R4 points. There are still a few of you who have missed 1 round or more, you are still welcome to post a score for those games :cool:

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16 hours ago, carlsson said:

Ok, now I've spent more than one hour effective playing and my best so far was picking 70 out of the required 75 diamonds in B/1.

OK I'm going to be the "Boulderdash Genie" for this round [drawing RT?] (no rubbing my lamp :-o  ).


B1 (you sunk my battleship)

Greed is good. Try sealing in the top left and right - drop two bolders each side only. Then uncork a silo and use yourself to block it. Then spill it and position yourself to the side, nip in ant out / use the grab to get a few extras. It's the same pattern every time so you can sometimes go inside the dropped pile and get out again. You do not need to go into the silos when they are full, though it is fun doing this ;-)

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