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Is it possible to repair this Jaguar?


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Bought this as is on ebay and it looks like someone replaced a chip and botched the install. I get continuity between pins 2+3 and 4+5.Also there was a capacitor that is lacking some solder on top but the bottom looks decent. Should that be fine or should I add a little more on the top. Console was described as turning on but no sound or video. Any tips on how to fix that bad solder job if its possible?

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Pins 4 & 5 are GND so you should get continuity there but not between pins 2 & 3.

You could try just reheating the solder joints, hopefully the solder will flow back onto the solder pads (assuming whoever repaired it did not remove them in the process). Otherwise use desolder wick to remove the solder so you can get a better lock at the damage and remove the short.


As for the capacitor soldering, you can add more solder, if the through hole plating is in tact it should not matter and you can add solder from either side and it should flow through but if you want to be certain of a top connection then solder from the top in case the through plating was damaged.


If have not heard of someone successfully resurrecting a Jag that has no sound or video. Maybe because both Tom and Jerry are blown when that occurs (speculation), unfortunately to my knowledge a Jaguar service manual that could help to potentially get it working has never been seen in public. But if you have access to a multi-meter check the input voltage on pin 8 and the output voltage on pin 1 of Reg1 (all other pins tied to GND) which supplies 5V for the audio system because if that is blown then you definitely will not get any audio. 

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So I have made a little progress. After cleaning up the chip I was able to power the console on. I can see some video but it's very poor quality and no audio. It doesn't start the game just stays at the splash screen. https://imgur.com/a/Gb4CybF. I can hear a buzzing sound coming from the area around the u38 chip. I hit the capacitor near it with my soldering iron. Think that might be the cause? CPU gets pretty warm but not too hot to touch.

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