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IntyBASIC Music and Opening Stutter?

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Hi all. 


I noticed that IntyBASIC music playing sometimes "stutters" on the first note (sometimes first 2-3 notes), and then subsequent playing is fine. I tried to mitigate it by adding multiple blank/rest lines to the song, which seemed to work. Sometimes the number is 2, sometimes 6, sometimes 10+. It seems that adding WAIT does not have any impact, but adding blank music lines does.


If you take a look at the source for the last few songs I posted, I tried to make a little subroutine to add a kind of "warmup" to the music player, but that does not seem to have an impact either, it looks like the only thing that works is adding blank lines to the actual song.


I am using the latest jzIntv on Windows 10. I don't have any real Intellivision hardware available at the moment.



Does anyone have ideas on what I might be able to do, so songs will play immediately instead of having the choppyness at the beginning?









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Yes, I have witnessed the same on jzintv, both on my super old XP computer and my semi-old W7 computer. On a real Intellivision it plays fine as soon as the power is enabled. You could have it wait for a keypress before starting the music, I think it should solve the stuttering due to buffer underrun I would imagine. I have also added a few lines of silence to the start of songs to get past this.

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