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What is AspeQt?

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RespeQT has had no active development in like 2 years?   I did a little development on it sometime ago with ebiguy but abandoned it after some "dramma" with the RespeQT team.    Anyway - it uses deprecated QT5 API's, the C code is kinda mess and is a good example of a project with too many cooks in the kitchen. 


AspeQT is under active development:  https://github.com/pjones1063/AspeQt-2K22/releases/tag/2k22




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and yet aspeqt is light years behind respeqt.... but touts a 2022 as it's release in 2021, hmmm

is pjones pitfall jones?

on looking further more like a fork and rename to me...

hence the name AspeQt-2K22

there are other AspeQT as named on git




and the latest


which is the one you are mentioning... not exactly the same continuous or contiguous active development as one might be led to surmise... it's great that someone has picked up the torch... I would have thought continuing with respeqt would have been the way to go.. but if you are cleaning it up and back porting everything to AspeQT that's another way to go... though an odd one... you could have forked RespeQT as well..


whatever the case, kudos for picking up a torch and running with it... so long as it doesn't become another 8 warez fiasco...

@13Leader has only been here on AA since February 12, 2020 and only slightly active in any project that I see... this is a concern... are we someone who was here before and back as a new name hence the lack of history? I could see some reservations in welcoming an unknown into ones camp without some idea of what they are about or wish to do... I guess it's a point of view or perspective. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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9 hours ago, 13Leader said:

AspeQT is under active development:  https://github.com/pjones1063/AspeQt-2K22/releases/tag/2k22

It's nice that you do development on your fork but still not a single word about my questions from a few posts above to understand your fork:


To me it still is totally unclear WHAT exactly was forked.



If so, which release?


And one more:

Which features does it support?

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