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Raid on TriCity - A new game for Atari Lynx


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#Stay@Home Release _ beta version 2020/04/10

My first intention was to sell digital (via itch.io) and physical games should be done by Luchs Soft.

But with all this madness, I guess we need to take care each other, and we need some relaxing/shooting moments. So digital is (and will remains) free. Physical release may come when everything will be back to normal. If you enjoy the game, please consider supporting Luchs Soft and other greats editors for our beloved Atari Lynx.

This version may not be the final one, some minors changes (bugs removal or better SFX) may be added in the near future before official release.

#Stay@Home Release _ beta version 2020/04/10



Raid on Tricity is an Atari Lynx ROM intended to be played on real Lynx via a flashcard or on an emulator on other devices.

A physical edition is intended in the future, but you can get digital edition via itch.io right now.


It features awesome musics by Der Luchs, great graphics by 108Stars








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Oh thanks you, this freeware version was not intended to use EEprom (so no need for flag), and I finally let the high score feature, but as I was testing EEProm features only on real Lynx, totally forgot to put the flag back.


I updated the itch.io page, and added a link to Felyx release page (which is probably the most convenient emulator for EEprom support, as Handy compatible versions are flying somewhere but don't remember where, and I don't know if Mednafen is compatible).

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@Fadest great?

And thanks for advocating Felix! I'm working on a visual debugger now and it's really near. In the not so distant future version I'll add to the emulator the ability to save a copy of lnx image with updated header which should help with the problems as this one.

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Felyx is very good.


The visual debugger is much awaited by coders, but do you know what I wish the more from Felyx ?


NES/Megadrive/... coder have some nice solutions to package their game with an emulator for distribution on PC (itch.io/Steam) or even targetting consoles (Dreamcast/Switch/..) which is is bit  strange...

Usually, when I go to a show, I have a lot of guys (especially children with Ynxa) who would love to be able to play the game at home, but telling them they need to download the rom, an emulator (and some time a bios), configure it... is sometime above their wish (they just want to play). So being able to package Felyx, a rom, a nice configuration setup (keys/pad) already defined, hide every technical aspects of the emulator (header, debugger which are so priceless for us, maybe even load new ROM) in a zip file and distribute it would be a dream. Then of course, people with flashcard or emulation consoles (Recalbox, Batocera, chinese handhelds...) would just have to copy the lnx file to their device...

We are very close, but of couse, assist-developer tools are more important in the near future.

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@Fadest Go and add a feature request for a framework for embedding cartridge image inside an executable :)

I think that such endeavour is possible using windows resources. It's a matter of preparing special version of emulator with stripped down menu (no cartridge open etc) with image embedded as a resource (alongside with windows icon). There are already tools to edit resources found within windows executables. It should work.


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Wow, was now aware of this city... Sorry for having frightened you.

Glad you liked the game.


For the story, the prototype name game was Tetris Raiden (as it was made during a game jam where the theme was to make a game inspired by Tetris Gaiden on SNES, and I wanted to make a shoot, not a tetris like).

But it seems infringing 2 copyrights in the same name is not a ground for mutual annulment of offences :D


So we choosed to change a bit the name game...


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