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Intellivision Cosmic Avenger & Wizard of Wor ROMs for Sale


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Available to purchase now for the Mattel Intellivision, ROM versions of the arcade games Cosmic Avenger and Wizard of Wor.  The price for both ROM's is $25 plus fees.  The ROM files are for use only with the LTO Flash and will be locked to your LTO cart specifically.  Sorry but the ROMs cannot be used with emulators or any other flashcart for the Intellivision.  Please, email me at TrekMD[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you instructions for payment.  A PDF Manual for each game will also be included.  


Wizard of Wor


Welcome to the mystical kingdom of Wor! You have been placed in command of an elite squadron of Worriors assigned the task of outwitting the sinister Wizard of Wor! As you descend into his diabolical dungeons, you will encounter deadly Worlings and maybe even the Wizard himself!  Your only weapons are your trusty laser, your radar scanner, and your ability and cunning. You will need them all as you attempt to beat the Wizard and earn the title of Worlord! Prepare now, and then let the battle begin!







Cosmic Avenger


Coleco’s exciting COMSIC AVENGER™ game puts you in control of a space fighter battling a planet full of aliens.  Fly your fighter over domed cities, across open plains, and through underwater caverns, firing missiles and dropping bombs on enemy installations and targets. But beware! The aliens are not defenseless. UFOs, tanks, and submarines shoot at you, bombs fall from above, and missiles rise from below and track your every move.  Advance through the alien terrain, dodging the relentless enemy assaults, and eventually you’ll reach the secret station that you must destroy.  Fire, dodge, and fire again! How long can you survive flying above the surface of this dangerous alien planet?







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Yay!!!!  I'm playing Wizard of Wor on my Intellivision!!!  Woohoo!!!  Now I can die being completely fulfilled!!!


Edit: Wow!  This is fan-freakin'-tastic!!!


  • Blinking stars look good ?
  • Character animation is sweet ?
  • Controls are smooth ?
  • Voice is great! ?


Voice was not possible on my previous favorite home version of this game on the Bally Astrocade.  But it is on the Intellivision!!!




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On April 12, 2020 at 10:47 PM, Sinjinhawke said:

Email sent.  Though I wish this happened last week so I could have played this weekend.  Now I got a full week of work ahead of me. ?

Same here. But atleast we are on modified hours at my work.   Working about 6 hrs but still getting 8hrs pay

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1 hour ago, rietveld said:

Same here. But atleast we are on modified hours at my work.   Working about 6 hrs but still getting 8hrs pay

I find I’m working longer since my laptop is always open now and my work iPhone is on me all the time.  

Also a little bored after a month at home.   No place I can safely run outside that is still open or secluded enough.  I guess I could clean my basement or build a weapon of mass destruction.     

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